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Banca March - Crecemos con valores, crecemos juntosTerms and Conditions of Use

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Banca March, S.A. hereby informs users about the terms and conditions of use applicable to the official social networks on which it has an active presence.

Help service and Customer Service

These channels will be used to listen to and inform users, as well as to get them to know our financial institution better. They are not intended as customer service tools. If you wish to make an enquiry, file a claim or complaint or report an incident, please contact us through any of our specialized help centers set up for these purposes:

Terms and conditions of use of Social Networks

The main objective is to promote social networks as information channels by always putting respect among all users first. Therefore Banca March, as the sole administrator, reserves the right to remove any contribution, without any right of reply, that:

  • Incorporates details of third parties without their authorization.
  • Is considered illegal, disrespectful, menacing, unfounded, calumnious, inappropriate, ethically or socially discriminatory, reproachable in a work environment, or that can in any way cause material or moral damage to the Banca March Group, its employees, collaborators or third parties.
  • Contains any type of advice on stock markets, privileged information or advertising material, or personal details or for the benefit of third parties, either physical or legal persons.
  • Is redundant.
  • Does not relate to the purpose of the page.

Listed below are the basic rules that users must observe. Please read the following rules of use carefully before you start participating:

  1. RESPECT: All users must be treated respectfully. The language used must be precise and appropriate. This is not an environment for harassing other people.
  2. PUBLIC FORUM: Please bear in mind that any piece of information, comment or data you publish on our profiles will be seen by any user of this social network as well as by the Bank. Therefore, please make sure your contributions are genuine and add value to the other users. Any of your postings can be reproduced on any other (online or offline) medium if its source is acknowledged.
  3. PUBLICATION OF CONTENT: The content that we publish on social profiles can be downloaded or shared on other networks. Such material can be used publicly or privately.
    The information provided will not be considered to be advice, a buy or sell recommendation, or any kind of negotiation with regards to any of the products, investment vehicles or services that we offer. It will neither be understood as professional assessment, nor will you be able to benefit from the particulars described in such documents when embarking on an investment. If the user is a Banca March, S.A. customer, no instructions to the Bank will be accepted through this channel.
    Our profiles cannot be used to post advertisements, do business, make a profit, search for employment, etc. Contributions by users are intended for making comments or creating forums in relation with the information published or provided by the Bank.
  4. PRIVACY: Banca March will never ask you, on the social networks, for your Home (Online) Banking access codes, card number or any other personal credential. In the same way, you will not be informed by the Bank about any access codes via e-mail, SMS, nor over the telephone.
    Any symbols or logos registered by our brand are the property of the Banca March Group, are to be respected and will not be subject to improper use.
    As regards the contents published by the Bank on social networks, it is understood that Banca March reserves any associated intellectual property or patent rights.

Responsibility and guarantee of Banca March

Under no circumstances will Banca March, its branches and/or administrators, employees or authorized personnel be held liable for any type of damage, loss, claim or costs, whether or not they stem from the use of social networks, from the information obtained through them, computing viruses, operating errors, service or transmission interruptions or line faults. The use of a specific social network, either through a direct connection or through a link or another medium, represents a warning to users about the possibility of such circumstances.

Banca March is not responsible for the opinions delivered through our profiles on the social networks and will not make any guarantees as to the authenticity, accuracy or updating of the information contained therein.

Banca March reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the contents of these profiles, any links or the information provided by the Bank without any prior notice.

The Banca March Group accepts no liability for unrelated web pages that can be accessed through links from such profiles or for any posting delivered by third parties.

If you have any doubts or would like a clarification regarding navigation, contents or access, please contact the profile's administrator directly.

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