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The main objectives of this Regulation can be summarized in a few lines:

  • Improvement of protection measures for investors.
  • Modernization of financial markets.
  • Adaptation of investment services companies to new solvency and working requirements.
  • Increase of power held by the Spanish Stock Market Commission.

This Directive has been included in the Spanish legislation through Law 47/2007 of 19th December, amending Law 24/1988 of 28th of July, on the Securities Market.

The adaptation of Banca March to this Directive has implied a gret deal of effort from all employees so as to provide customers with those tools enabling them to have the appropriate security level for their investments.

In order to comply with this requirement, Banca March has chosen to grant customers the highest protection level, thus by classifying them as retail banking customers.

For further details on the advantages resulting from the MIFID implementation, you can read our Guide with General Information. Otherwise you can click here for other explanations in English from the EU official web site.

Incentives include the fees, commission or non-monetary benefits that Banca March, S.A. pays to or receives from third parties in relation to the provision of an investment service to its customers. In order to guarantee that the incentives paid to or received from third parties strictly comply with the current legal requirements concerning diligence and transparency, and in the interests of its customers, Banca March has drawn up an Incentives Policy, the main points of which can be found in the general MiFID Guide. (View a summary of the incentives tables.)

Before making any decisions regarding investment in financial instruments, it is important that you take into consideration all of the characteristics and risks associated with the type of financial instrument you wish to invest in. To this end, we have provided you with a document that details the basic characteristics and risks of the main financial instruments (BANCA MARCH, S.A. PRODUCT RANGE: CHARACTERISTICS AND RISKS). We recommend that you read this document carefully, along with any others that you may be given prior to investing in financial instruments.

Banca March, S.A. has approved an ORDER EXECUTION POLICY which describes the importance given to the price, costs, speediness and probability in the execution and settlement, volume, nature of the transaction and any other element that may be relevant for the best possible execution of the order. Equally, MiFID II requires financial institutions to summarise and publish, on an annual basis and for every type of financial instrument, information on the main execution and/or intermediaries centres used for the execution of customers' orders as well as on the quality of execution chieved. By clicking on the following link you will find the REPORT ON THE MAIN EXECUTION CENTRES AND INTERMEDIARIES AND THE LEVEL OF EXECUTION QUALITY OBTAINED BY BANCA MARCH, S.A.

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