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Banca March - Crecemos con valores, crecemos juntosCommercial risk management

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Banca March CESCE Loan Insurance

Why take out Loan Insurance?

Your company is expanding, congratulations! This means increasing your market and sales methods, but...

This development carries with it a risk due to the insecurity of commercial traffic, in other words, the possibility of losses due to unpaid debts which:

  • delay the development of your company
  • halt its expansion
  • can even place its continuity in danger

We don't simply want to sell more, the aim is to receive payment for what's been sold.

Loan Insurance is the formula for obtaining the security and peace of mind that your company needs, by insuring against these risks

Why Banca March CESCE Loan Insurance?

Exclusive decision making tool because it classifies your debtors into 8 rate groups according to their probability of non-payment, allowing you to know and manage your commercial risk.

A single product that allows you to insure:  

  • from a minimum of 10% of the clients that represent this same percentage of your turnover
  • to all of your debtors

Quick response to your classification requests thanks to the application available to you.

Save time and resources by giving CESCE the responsibility for the collection of non-payments from your debtors.

Thanks to the size and quality of its information base, CESCE has the highest acceptance ratio of commercial risks in the sector.

Furthermore, in the Master Gold format

CESCE is the only company that issues Insurance Certificates, facilitating access to financing at Banca March.

The indemnity limit in the event of non-payment will be the risk limit granted for this debtor within his cover percentage, unaffected by any limit in accordance with the amount of the premiums, as would be the case with the other products on the market, and will be paid within 2 months, the shortest term on the market.

Access to commercial canvassing services in domestic and international markets, identifying potential low risk clients, which will permit a return on the investment, i.e. the insurance premium.

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