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Corporate documentation

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In this section, you can consult Banca March's corporate information.

Risk Management

Risk management is a cornerstone of Banca March's strategy. 

To this end, an integrated and comprehensive corporate culture has been developed at the bank, with each unit aware of the risks to which it is exposed, ensuring they are managed and the risk appetite defined.

The bank's governing body has overall responsibility for approving and monitoring the implementation of strategic goals, the risk management framework and the corporate culture. Under the management and supervision of Banca March's governing body, senior management assumes responsibility for managing the bank's activities in line with the business strategy, risk appetite, remuneration and other policies approved.

The main elements that govern the risk management system at Banca March and that establish criteria aimed at maintaining a medium/low risk profile are:

  • Control structure pursuant to the three lines of defence model, in which roles and responsibilities are clearly defined in each line.

  • Policies for each of the risks that define the general procedure for activities, which seek to control and manage risks at a corporate level.

  • Procedures, methodologies and tools, implementing the policies and helping to measure risks.

  • The Risk Appetite Framework, which serves as an integrated tool through which the Board of Directors defines the risk type and thresholds it is willing to accept in the pursuit of strategic objectives and profit at the bank.


These are some of the ratings* awarded to Banca March by one of the main Rating Agencies on the market.

  Moody's Rating's date
Long-term issuer rating A2 20 September 2023
Short-term debt P-1 20 September 2023
Outlook Stable 20 September 2023
Covered bonds Aa1 4 November 2022
* Ratings can be reviewed, suspended or withdrawn by the rating agency at any time.

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