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Banca March is the only Spanish bank in the ranking of Europe's best workplaces by Great Place To Work®

27 septiembre 2021 Categoría: Grupo March

TThe ranking, compiled by independent consultant Great Place to Work® in partnership with The Economist Group, positions Banca March among the top 20 best places to work and the only Spanish bank on the list in 2021. 

  • The list compiled by Great Place to Work® is one of the most prestigious rankings in the global people and talent management sector.
  • This recognition offers further backing for Banca March's unique business model, underpinned by professionals trained at the best asset management training facility in the sector.
  • This accolade is a tribute to Banca March's extensive experience and recognition of the impressive transition process undertaken to build a wholly family-owned company into one of the best places to work in Spain and throughout Europe.

In January, Banca March was certified as a Great Place to Work for the second year running in recognition both of the bank's people management and the excellence and outstanding performance of its team. In April, the bank was included for the first time in the Best Workplaces ranking as one of the ten best companies to work for in Spain, and was the only Spanish bank to make it on to the list. This latest recognition is an important milestone, positioning Banca March as the only Spanish bank to be ranked among the best places to work in Europe. The ranking is compiled by independent consultant Great Place to Work® in partnership with The Economist Group, and positions Banca March among the top 20 best places to work as the only Spanish bank on the list in 2021. 

This is further recognition of the unique business model built by the bank – which boasts the strongest capital ratios in the Spanish financial system – underpinned by excellent professionals trained at the sector's best training facility for wealth management and private banking, exclusive products such as co-investment opportunities, a sector-leading position in customer service quality ratings and shareholder commitment to long-term value creation. The group is also fully committed to sustainable investing and has pioneered the integration of ESG factors into its investment funds, with a view to offering its investors more responsible returns and building a better world for future generations. 

Anselmo Martín-Peñasco, Deputy Managing Director of Banca March and Head of the Human Resources area, said: “This recognition underscores our effective business model, our talent development strategy and our extensive experience, which has allowed us to build a wholly family-owned company into one of the best places to work not only in Spain, but in the whole of Europe. We have created a business culture which affords our professionals a highly motivational experience, strengthens their commitment to the company and supports employee engagement with our values. Our People Management system is closely aligned with the Banca March philosophy: a long-term business model which generates shared growth for all stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole). The Banca March team identifies fully with the bank's values, and puts them into practice. As a company which is fully committed to talent development, we are particularly proud of our efforts in CPD, a crucial provision which has positioned Banca March as the sector's best training facility for financial managers in the Spanish banking sector, enabling them to provide specialist services for investors and advisory services for family businesses." 

The Covid-19 outbreak meant this year was particularly crucial in terms of people management, with a particular emphasis on the importance of looking after employee wellbeing. As evidenced by Great Place to Work®, 85% of Banca March employees feel that the company is concerned with their wellbeing at work, which means they enjoy greater flexibility and a better work-life balance. The bank's team of professionals also believes that the company's actions are in line with its messaging, which makes them more likely to want to stay with the company for the long term. 

With regard to the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, even before the situation was cause for serious concern in Spain, Banca March set up a crisis committee comprising the Chairman, Vice Chairman, CEO and members of various management areas, which established the two key priorities which have guided all decision-making: to protect the health of our professionals and their contacts and to maintain business continuity. An action protocol was implemented right from the outset and has been constantly adapted to respond to the changing situation, including the gradual return of employees to the office. 

Among the key initiatives implemented since the pandemic broke out, the bank's Medical Service has been fully available to the team, 24 hours a day. The bank also sought advice from top global health sector experts, which it made available not only to its team, but also to its customers. Banca March also took out an insurance policy covering hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation due to Covid-19 for its entire workforce. 

How Great Place to Work compiles this ranking 

Great Place to Work® has announced the results of its 19th Best Workplaces in Europe 2021 Ranking at an online event today. To compile the index, the global workplace consultancy analysed the HR policies of over 3,000 companies in 36 countries, garnering a sample of over a million employees. 

To be included in this European ranking, companies must have secured a strong position in their domestic rankings. The ranking is based on a confidential study which analyses employee experience in areas such as trust, innovation, company values and company leadership. Companies are also evaluated on their ability to create an inclusive experience for all employees. The ranking features four categories based on company size: small (10 to 49 employees), medium (50 to 499 employees), large companies (over 500 employees), which is the category Banca March falls into, and multinationals.  

According to Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work, “The Best Workplaces in Europe have set a new standard of care for employees across a variety of industries. These companies are led by the type of leaders who pride themselves on supporting the needs of their employees. They create flexible working environments where anyone can thrive, no matter who they are or what they do for the business.” 

Great Place to Work has been working with companies around the world for more than 30 years to identify, create and maintain a culture of marked trust and high performance. One of the most prestigious national and international HR management consulting firms, Great Place to Work requires companies to meet the highest international standards of excellence in the development and implementation of their people strategy.  

Actions rolled out by the Human Resources area

Banca March puts people at the core of its strategy and supports the personal and professional development of all its professionals. In line with this strategy, the initiatives undertaken in the last two years include the following:


All Banca March professionals have received training in the last five years and the bank's investment in training per professional is higher than the financial sector average. Banca March is committed to excellence and to setting itself apart from the rest, with an annual training plan tailored to the needs of its teams and the market backdrop. It also strives to promote motivation and innovation among its team of professionals. Over the past year, the training programme has been expanded with programmes on sustainability and financial support for teaching and academic research projects. The Banca March doctorate has also been launched in collaboration with the University of Oviedo. Every year, professionals from the bank will complete the doctorate in Economics and Business.

Employee benefits

The competitive remuneration model in place at Banca March creates a direct link between performance, conduct, achievement and compensation, whilst always foregrounding internal equity. Remuneration packages are complemented with a range of employee benefits, including: advantageous conditions on loans, advances and consumer lending; financial aid for professional training; study awards and grants for professionals and their families; group medical insurance and a corporate medical service; advantages in buying and trading allocated assets; pension funds; life and accident insurance products; and meal vouchers, among others.

Professional development

Banca March supports internal employee growth and promotion. The professional experience of the Banca March team is the result of a learning process rooted in a true meritocracy, teamwork and creative ability. Every member of the Banca March team has the chance to take part in internal rotation systems, which are based on the principles of equal opportunities, non-discrimination, equal treatment and respect for people and their abilities. These same principles are also decisive in the recruitment of new talent.

High-performance culture

Banca March promotes a culture of strong values and high performance, guaranteeing access to managers, transparent communications, and the trust and approachability of a family-owned business with a history dating back over 90 years.

Equality plan and work-life balance measures

Banca March is committed to providing a non-discriminatory working environment in which all professionals are treated with fairness and respect, offered support for their professional development and rewarded based on their performance with absolutely no discrimination of any kind. All of these measures are covered by the bank's Equality Plan. Banca March also recognises the importance of striking the right work-life balance and offers flexibility measures and leave periods which add value for employees in exceptional circumstances.

Committed to society

Banca March is utterly committed to effectively integrating ethical, social and environmental criteria into the performance of its financial activity. One of its key goals is to build a more profitable, sustainable business which is respectful of society and the environment. It also supports corporate volunteering, encouraging employees to participate in charity events and propose their own ideas for social initiatives to support the most disadvantaged members of society, integrate people with different abilities, protect the environment and improve financial literary.

Management of the Covid-19 pandemic

Right at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Banca March defined two priority objectives which set the tone for its handling of the crisis: to protect the health of the bank's professionals and their contacts and to maintain business continuity. Banca March has also remained committed to maintaining job stability for all professionals, providing new work-life balance measures to respond to changing needs and fostering an even more supportive approach to helping the people hit hardest by the pandemic.

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