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Google Pay is the simple, quick solution to pay at thousands of businesses, web pages and apps around the world.

Always at hand

Add your Banca March cards to Google Pay and you will be able to make quick payments with your mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch or computer at thousands of web pages, apps and business all over the world.

Quick and simple

You will no longer need to enter your payment details on countless occasions. Once you have registered them with Google Pay, you will be able to make instant payments.

Totally safe

Banca March and Google guarantee you maximum security. Both your personal details and transactions’ data are encrypted as a protection measure against any threat.

 How to add a card to Google Pay

1. Open the Google Pay app. 

2. Take a photo of your card or enter its details manually. 

3. Verification will follow via a text message.

 How does Google Pay verify the card

1. Once you have added the card, we will send you an SMS with a verification code.

2. Please enter this code as required on the screen.

You only need to follow these two steps to start using Google Pay. Safe and hassle-free.

Safe and hassle-free.

 How to use Google Pay to pay at shops with your mobile phone

1.Search for one of these symbols:


2. Unlock your phone and tap it to the payment terminal.

3. Enter the pin number and wait until the verification sign is shown.

You do not even need to open the App.

 How to make online payments with Google Pay

1. Search for one of these symbols when you wish to pay at web pages and applications:

2. Choose the card you wish to pay with. You can also add it when you carry out the transaction and it will be shown next time you wish to make an online payment with Google Pay.

3. Google Pay will check your details in a safe manner.

Ready! You do not need to create an account or open your session or fill out any forms.

 How are your details kept safe

You will find a brief explanation in the video.

When you pay at a shop, Google does not share your card details but sends a unique encrypted number to the trader instead.

What happens if you lose your telephone?

Google makes it easier for you with the “Find my device” service.

This service conducts a remote search, blocks your phone and deletes its contents.

1. Google Pay is a registered mark of Google LLC.

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