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At Banca March, we want to keep you always informed, and this section gives you the opportunity to find out whatever you want to know about.


March Asset Management receives the 2018 EXPANSIÓN-Allfunds Award for the best equity fund manager

  • The asset management firm won the accolade for the best investment funds at the 30th edition of the awards organised by Expansión and Allfunds Bank.
  • March A.M. manages six equity investment funds which are committed to generating long-term returns while safeguarding the customers' assets.

March Asset Management (March A.M.) was acknowledged as the Best Equity Fund Manager in 2018 in a new edition of the Investment Funds awards organised by Expansión and Allfunds Bank.

With a portfolio comprising of six equity investment funds, the asset management firm stands out for its investment philosophy which combines long-term value creation with a commitment to safeguard its customers' assets. It positions itself as a investment boutique specialised in tactical asset allocation and company selection.

Since its launch in 2000, it has been characterised by an investment criterion that aims to maximise the relationship between return and risk. The group has achieved excellent results consistently over time. This is reflected in the confidence of its investors and assets under management totalling over 6,000 million euros at the end of 2018.

In terms of equity, the asset management firm seeks to invest in global companies which represent a valid acquisition opportunity and boast an attractive valuation with a a fundamentals which remain sound over a long time span.

This strategy is typified by the March International Vini Catena Class A-EUR and March International The Family Businesses Fund Class A-EUR thematic funds, which have achieved yields of 17.66% and 19.89% respectively over the past three years. The remaining general products that the company offers within its equities catalogue have performed similarly: March Valores Iberian Equity A EUR (17.5%), March Global A (16.43%) y March Europa A (7.71%) over the same time period.

Also noteworthy are SICAVs, which in some cases have a significant exposure to equities. March A.M. is Spain's third largest asset management firm in terms of such assets under management. Lluc Valores, SICAV (and its mirror fund in Luxembourg, March International Lluc Lux), a high-level firm specialised in SICAVs with a focus on equities and one of the leading operators in Spain in terms of asset level, recorded a yield of 16.4% over a three-year period.

As far as the range of risk profiled funds is concerned, March Cartera Decidida—a fund with a firm profile which primarily invests in equity securities—achieved yields totalling 10.94% over the same period.

Finally, among the pension plans and voluntary social welfare entities (Entidades de Previsión Social Voluntaria, EPSV) under management, March Acciones achieved yields totalling 17.89% over a three-year period.

José María Ortega, Managing Director of March Asset Management outlined that “this award represents a major recognition for company and the whole asset management team, which works hard every day to offer our customers the highest possible returns. Our philosophy is based on offering customers solid growth, with portfolios offering a long-term perspective and a product catalogue that provides solutions for different of investment profiles.”

AAA-rated Citywire fund managers

March A.M.'s strategy is firmly tied to its team. The asset management firm currently includes forty professionals with significant experience in the industry, with some exceeding 20 years of experience.

The team's professionalism was proven by the recent award of the AAA rating from Citywire in the euro fixed income asset class to fund managers,s Marta González Labián and Francisco Herrero,, an acknowledgement that only a small number of professionals in Spain receive and that is awarded to just 2.5% of all the fund managers analysed this media specialised in financial markets. This award recognises the risk-adjusted global management of all the funds managed over a period of 36 month.


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