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At Banca March, we want to keep you always informed, and this section gives you the opportunity to find out whatever you want to know about.


March AM to allocate part of the revenues from its Mediterranean Fund to the international organisation Oceana for the conservation of marine ecosystems

  • March Asset Management (AM) will donate part of the management fees from its environmental impact fund, the Mediterranean Fund, to projects run by Oceana, the world's largest non-profit ocean conservation organisation.
  • Oceana and Save the Med are the two institutions through which the Banca March Group will be channelling its contribution, via the Mediterranean Fund, to ocean conservation.
  • March AM's new themed fund allocates 10% of its management fee to projects for the conservation of seas and oceans, such as the initiatives undertaken by these foundations.
  • Oceana is tackling the battle for ocean preservation by creating marine protected areas, restoring fish stocks, eliminating illegal fishing and fighting plastic pollution.

 March Asset Management (AM), Banca March's asset management business, has today announced a new agreement with Oceana, the largest international ocean conservation NGO. Through this partnership, the asset manager will allocate part of the management fees from the Mediterranean Fund, its new environmental impact fund, to supporting Oceana's campaigns for ocean recovery, improvement and conservation.

José María Ortega, Board Member and Managing Director at March A.M., said: “The prestige enjoyed by Oceana thanks to its tireless efforts to recover marine ecosystems fits perfectly with the philosophy of the Mediterranean Fund. The fund is immensely popular with investors and we are convinced that the solidarity component, coupled with the outstanding performance of its managers, will be key to its success”.

Back in April, March AM received the award for Best Equity Manager 2018 in the XXX edition of the Expansión-Allfunds Awards, organised by the financial daily Expansión and Allfunds Bank.

Pascale Moehrle, Executive Director for Oceana in Europe, explained: “The sea is the answer to many of the great challenges facing our planet, from the battle against climate change to feeding millions of people. It is vital that we conserve its ecosystems and make responsible use of its resources. Without healthy oceans, there is no future.

” Since its inception in 2001, the Oceana Foundation has been working to protect and restore the world's seas and oceans, and has become the world's largest international ocean conservation organisation.

Oceana has already protected over 4.5 million square miles of ocean worldwide and has rolled out conservation campaigns for the Mediterranean Sea. Through these activities, it has achieved milestones such as legal protection for four species of cold-water coral that were at risk of extinction in the Mediterranean Sea, the expansion of the Cabrera National Park and the creation of fishing protected areas in the Menorca Channel.

  This agreement comes in addition to the one already signed with the Save the Med Foundation and will join the series of initiatives undertaken by the Banca March Group through the Mediterranean Fund to help conserve marine ecosystems. As well as donating part of the management fees, the bank has also organised beach clean-ups in the Balearic and Canary Islands.

These activities helped the bank secure the Spanish Maritime Cluster's Competitiveness Award, which recognises the bank's business background and its close ties with the marine world since its inception; ties which are further cemented through the launch of the Mediterranean Fund. The activities undertaken by Oceana and Save the Med are highly complementary and will help the Mediterranean Fund achieve its solidarity goals, as the first is a global institution that protects all of the world's oceans and the second takes a more local approach, focusing on the seas surrounding Spain.

Environmental impact fund

The cooperation agreements signed between March AM and Oceana are intended to put the Mediterranean Fund's sustainability philosophy into action. This themed environmental impact fund seeks to invest in two high-potential investment trends: the oceans as a source of wealth and the need for their conservation, and water as a scarce, indispensable resource for life on our planet. Both of these trends are in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

The bank's decision to channel part of the management fees generated by the fund into projects for the recovery and conservation of marine resources allows shareholders in the Mediterranean Fund to cooperate on initiatives to support the marine ecosystem. The fund invests in companies whose revenues are directly linked to seas and oceans and to water supply, treatment and use. The range of companies and sectors related to the world's seas and oceans opens up a potential investment universe of over 8,000 companies, spanning sectors such as consumer, energy, industry, healthcare and utilities.

Within just a few weeks, the Mediterranean Fund has attracted over 500 shareholders, clearly evidencing the exceptional investor interest in the product. The fund has therefore exceeded the minimum level required to make it transferable, which is a significant advantage for investors as it allows them to defer the tax impact of their investment.

The substantial rate of inflows into this new product has cemented the group's leadership position in the management of themed funds and the provision of alternative investment options for investors seeking to gain exposure to a key source of future growth whilst helping generate a positive impact on marine ecosystems and water resources.

Documentary with Atresmedia

Among the initiatives the Banca March Group is undertaking to raise awareness within the context of the Mediterranean Fund, the bank has produced a documentary with Atresmedia. Roberto Brasero, a meteorologist from the Atresmedia Group, and Manuel Toharia, a scientist, meteorologist and scientific advisor from the Oceanogràfic de Valencia, both took part in the production, and the documentary was screened at the Oceanogràfic this afternoon to over 100 attendees.

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