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At Banca March, we want to keep you always informed, and this section gives you the opportunity to find out whatever you want to know about.


March AM launches March Rentabilidad Objetivo 2023, a fund designed as an alternative to investment in liquidity

  • The fund manager has started offering a new fund to be held to maturity with a fixed income investment strategy that aims to preserve customers' capital and is suitable for conservative investor profiles.
  • The fund will invest in a diverse portfolio of euro-denominated public and private debt issues that expire in 2023.
  • March Rentabilidad Objetivo 2023 will be available for subscription until the 19th of July with a minimum investment of 1,000 euros.

 March Asset Management (March AM) today announced the launch of March Rentabilidad Objetivo 2023, a new diversified fixed income fund to be held to maturity, aimed at investors with a conservative profile. The product invests in public and private debt issues with a four-year investment horizon. Additionally, it has the advantage of offering better liquidity conditions than other products of the same category, as its participants will have seven windows to request a redemption without paying any fees.

Through this new fund, March Asset Management has consolidated its value proposition for the most conservative profiles who are looking to invest in the medium term and wish to assume a moderate risk with a firm capital preservation goal. In fact, March Rentabilidad Objetivo 2023 is a good investment alternative to liquidity, as its managers hope to obtain annual profitability of 0.60%* upon maturity, scheduled for 30 May 2023.

In order to reach said goal, the portfolio will be entirely made up of fixed-income assets to be held to maturity in a high number of issues. Specifically, you will be able to invest approximately two thirds of your equity in sovereign debt and a third in corporate debt, which demonstrates the product's capacity for the preservation of capital. Maximum exposure to issues below Investment Grade will be capped at 30%, with a minimum average quality of BBB-.

Savers interested in subscribing to the product will be able to do so with a minimum investment of 1,000 euros during the marketing period, which will continue until 19 July.

José María Ortega, Managing Director of March Asset Management, said that: "This product is suitable for investors with a more conservative profile who are currently having trouble finding investment alternatives that allow them to preserve their capital. At a time of high complexity in the markets, we believe that this product is ideal for those who are looking for solutions that offer the security of the good judgement of a team with a proven track record in the management of fixed-income products, without having to compromise on profitability".

Finally, it is worth noting that March Asset Management's fixed-income managers, Francisco Herrero and Marta González Labián, have an AA rating with Citywire. Additionally, the fund manager is in the Top 3 of the national ranking of SICAVs using assets, according to data from Inverco.

All the information on March Rentabilidad Objetivo 2023 is available from the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission) and on March Asset Management's website.

*Profitability not guaranteed


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