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At Banca March, we want to keep you always informed, and this section gives you the opportunity to find out whatever you want to know about.


March AM launches its new 100% electronic customer registration service

  • • March AM offers customers completely electronic registration and contracting of its products using their device's camera, without using paper anywhere in the process.
  • • March AM thus offers the possibility of accessing its products without the need to do this through third-party distributors and in a way that is direct, fast and simple.
  • • The system guarantees compliance with regulatory requirements like MiFID and is in line with the data protection guidelines established by the GDPR.

March Asset Management (March AM) has launched its new 100% electronic customer registration service, which includes various new features to meet customers' needs. It thus combines complete, up-to-date information with the possibility of contracting its products directly.

Amongst the main goals of this new system is to provide customers of the fund manager with the complete documentation for the products they have contracted in a dynamic, interactive way, offering information on the performance of the products at personalised points in time, depending on the needs of each user.

Of the new features incorporated, what stands out is the possibility of registering as a customer, in addition to subscribing to products, entirely over the internet, from anywhere and using any device (PC, tablet or mobile). Thus avoiding the use of paper documents and long registration processes, making these quicker and more efficient. Customer registration takes place through Electronic ID facial recognition, thanks to the first person identification solution that uses real time video, guaranteeing the same level of technical security and legal compliance as identification in person. This remote facial recognition process takes only 18 seconds, avoiding the need for travel and physical presence as well as the involvement of third party entities as the whole process is done with March AM.

Likewise, the new website includes a "self-management" area in which investors have information on their investments that is updated on a daily basis and where they can see their position status either in a consolidated manner or broken down into the individual products, with the possibility of downloading all the information.

Finally, thanks to the new developments incorporated, electronic administrative management is now possible, in addition to complete traceability of the relationship with March AM with each end customer, thus complying with the latest regulatory requirements like MiFID II and following the data protection guidelines established by the GDPR.

Through our new website, March AM customers are able to access their products directly and simply without the need to do this through third party distributors or intermediaries and with no restrictions in terms of investment minimums (*).

In the first phase, our own range of funds registered in Spain will be incorporated into this system, followed by the expansion of the catalogue in the following phases with our range of products in Luxembourg (March International) and pension plans. This is how we will give you direct access to such solid strategies and level of recognition in the asset management industry as March Europa, March Global, Fonmarch, Premier Renta Fija Corto Plazo and the range of profiled funds the fund manager works with.

(*) Depending on the type of share that corresponds to each investor.


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