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At Banca March, we want to keep you always informed, and this section gives you the opportunity to find out whatever you want to know about.


Banca March strengthens its Any Pay Gold POS payment system to ensure secure and authenticated transactions in distance sales

  • The entity strengthens this application, which allows shops to receive payments from customers by simply having their mobile phone number or email address.
  • This service is now offered in addition to the measures adopted by Banca March since the start of the COVID-19 crisis to allow its customers to process their transactions remotely.

Banca March strengthens the Any Pay Gold POS system, a secure and authenticated solution for the remote transactions of shops. This Point of Sale Terminal (POS) operates through an app on any smartphone.

Any Pay Gold POS can process both face-to-face and remote sales, making it the perfect solution in a scenario like the current one, since it allows customers to make payments without the need to visit the shop.

This POS features a virtual solution called Pay Gold, which allows shops to send a payment request via SMS or email to the cardholder. Customers receive a link, which will then allow them to complete the payment from a mobile app or PC, ensuring the transaction is completed as a secure e-commerce purchase. The shop can receive payments from customers by simply having their mobile phone number or email address.

Any Pay Gold POS is mainly aimed at shopkeepers, freelancers and liberal professionals who need to receive card payments from time to time: self-employed who do not work in a single place, notaries, law firms, supermarkets, small courier service companies, food delivery services, services, etc.

From the outset, Banca March and its subsidiaries have focused on protecting the health of its professionals and customers. To ensure this, it started to implement teleworking measures for all staff and strengthened its Operations and Telephone Service teams, as well as the use of communication tools that allow its staff to work remotely. All Banca March managers have doubled their efforts to remain as close as possible to their customers. To continue to offer a specialised and quality service, among other measures, Banca March has launched a free macroeconomic and market information service, in which our experts respond to our customers' questions and which can be accessed from our website.

To ensure business continuity, Banca March and its subsidiaries have strengthened all online commercial activities. This is the case of the online platform of March A.M., the asset management firm of the Banca March Group, which has been strengthened to facilitate the direct subscription of most products, without the need for third parties, distributors or intermediaries. Banca March has strengthened the Any Pay Gold POS in addition to taking these measures to operate remotely.

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