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At Banca March, we want to keep you always informed, and this section gives you the opportunity to find out whatever you want to know about.


Banca March secures Top Employer certification for the second year running

  • The Top Employers Institute, the leading authority on recognising best practices in Human Resources, has certified Banca March as a Top Employer 2020 thanks to its commitment to putting its professionals at the core of its business model.
  • The certification recognises Banca March's efforts to provide an excellent place to work, building a high-performance, results-driven organisation that strives for excellence and is underpinned by the values of professionalism, expertise, meritocracy and responsible banking.
  • Banca March boasts the highest investment in training per employee in the sector, leading to outstanding customer service. The entire Banca March workforce has undergone training in the last three years.

The independent consultant Top Employers Institute has certified Banca March as a Top Employer 2020 thanks to the outstanding working conditions it offers its employees.

The certification recognises Banca March's management model, which places its people at the core of every initiative it undertakes and is driven by a philosophy of shared growth, allowing the bank's professionals to grow and develop, just as the bank grows with them. To achieve its goal of being an excellent place to work, Banca March has implemented a business model which aims to build a high-performance, results-driven organisation that promotes excellence, underpinned by core values such as professionalism, expertise, meritocracy and responsible banking.

Anselmo Martín-Peñasco, Deputy Managing Director of Banca March and head of the Human Resources area, said: “We have invested heavily in enhancing HR management in recent years and this certification is an acknowledgement of our efforts. The cornerstone of Banca March's business model is the pursuit of shared growth for the three key groups represented by the three triangles comprising the bank's logo: customers, shareholders and excellent professionals. We can only fulfil our commitment to excellence if we have the very best professionals, which is why we make every effort to offer the most comprehensive training in the sector and to provide our employees with an optimal environment in which to achieve their full potential. That is what shared growth means to us at Banca March.”

David Plink, CEO of Top Employers Institute, said: “To be recognised as a Top Employer, an organisation has to prove that the implementation of its people strategies enriches the world of work of its employees. Certified participants are a great example of dedication to people practices, as they continuously commit to offering their employees a better world of work.”

Practices rolled out by the Human Resources area

Banca March has implemented practices that place its professionals at the core of its business model. These practices seek to generate a motivating working environment that supports professional development and ensures that employees' working practices and conducts are closely aligned with the corporate values of effort, ambition, commitment, integrity and rigour. These practices played a crucial role in helping the bank secure recognition as a Top Employer 2020.

The initiatives undertaken include key decisions in the following areas:

1. Training

The entire Banca March workforce has undergone training in the last three years, with an average investment of 1,004 euros per employee, more than double the sector average. As part of its commitment to ensuring excellence and adding value, the bank has implemented an annual training programme which is tailored both to the current landscape and to employee needs, transforming regulatory training requirements into true opportunities for professional specialisation. A great example of this is the training required under MiFID II, which is offered to all Banca March professionals, not only employees who advise customers directly, but also those who provide information and marketing services, as well as the technical and administrative teams.

2. Leadership

People, particularly HR managers, lie at the very core of Banca March's strategy. Banca March has created a strong focus on leaders, supporting and promoting inspirational leadership. The bank has put in place a series of training programmes and a range of training and talent management tools, including annual skills assessments, CRM for human resources and various communications tools.

3. Employee benefits

The competitive remuneration model in place at Banca March creates direct links between performance, conduct, achievement and compensation, whilst always foregrounding internal equity. Remuneration packages are complemented with a range of employee benefits, including: advantageous conditions on loans, advances and consumer lending; financial assistance for professional training; study awards and grants for professionals or their families; group medical insurance and a corporate medical service; advantages in buying and trading allocated assets; pension funds; life and accident insurance products; and meal vouchers, among others.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility

Banca March's overarching goal is to generate shared growth with customers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole, and it offers its professionals the chance to create and participate in CSR activities with a positive impact on society and the environment. In recent years, volunteering activities have included initiatives with differently-abled people, food drives and beach clean-ups, among others.

5. Equality plan and work-life balance measures  

Banca March is committed to providing a non-discriminatory working environment in which all professionals are treated with fairness and respect, offered support for their professional development and rewarded based on their performance with absolutely no discrimination of any kind. All of these measures are covered by the bank's Equality Plan. Banca March also recognises the importance of striking the right work-life balance and offers flexibility measures and leave periods which add value for people in exceptional circumstances.

6. Corporate culture

Banca March's corporate culture is underpinned by five core values: effort, ambition, commitment, integrity and rigour. These values, which are embraced by all Banca March professionals, help to build a strong relationship model between customers and colleagues.

About the Top Employers certification programme

The Top Employers Institute global certification programme has certified over 1,600 Top Employers in 119 countries and regions worldwide.

The HR Best Practice Survey used to secure recognition encompasses over 100 questions which cover 600 people development practices across 10 topics: Talent strategy, workforce planning, talent acquisition, on-boarding, learning & development, performance management, leadership development, career & succession management, compensation & benefits, and culture.

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