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Banca March - Crecemos con valores, crecemos juntosNews

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At Banca March, we want to keep you always informed, and this section gives you the opportunity to find out whatever you want to know about.



It is at times of crisis and uncertainty that people, families and companies must do their utmost to pull together and respond to the challenges at hand and the needs of our society as a whole.

Banca March is almost a century old. Our 94-year track record has afforded us a privileged view of the key global events that have unfolded since 1926, and has also equipped us with crucial skills to tackle crises like the one we face now. Covid-19 is a global crisis; its impact and its duration – which to a large degree remain unknown – are evident in every area of our activity.

Banca March's unique business model, which is underpinned by prudence and long-term relationships and strives to preserve and grow our customers' assets and offer the best possible financial advice for companies, allows us to weather even the toughest storms with a resilience that is evidenced by our robust financial ratios. Our strong financial and capital ratios, which are a reflection of our prudence-based business model, position us at the forefront of the European financial sector. Our liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) (528.26%), solvency ratio (16.14%) and NPL coverage ratio (54.87%) are among the highest in the industry, and our NPL ratio is the lowest in the Spanish banking sector (1.82%).

Our core value is shared growth with customers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole. In situations like the present, this commitment is more important than ever. It is vital that we hear and respond to the needs and demands of all stakeholders. Our primary responsibility is to protect people's health and continue to add value in what we do best: financial advice, particularly in complex situations.

At Banca March, we work hard to offer tailored, quality advice at all times, ensuring that all customers – present and future – who require our services can contact their account managers quickly and easily. Now is a good time to review, and in some cases restructure, the savings plans and financial requirements of each individual person, household and company. We must also be prudent and responsible, which is why our managers are ready to help you via any of our customer service channels that do not require travel or in-person meetings. We have also, as far as possible, implemented home working practices for the Banca March team of professionals. We are striving to protect the health of our managers, their families, and our customers.

We have strengthened our communication channels and improved the capacity of our equipment and systems to incentivise the use of remote banking and online and telephone services. You can keep up to date on global events and the market performance at all times through the daily reports and weekly videos created by the experts at both Banca March and March A.M. You also have constant access to the Banca March website, at(www.bancamarch.es), as well as our Home Banking service, our new customer app and our Contact Center service.

We would encourage you not to travel to our branches at this time, but to contact us using one of the various remote channels available to you. Over the next few days, civil responsibility requires all of us to restrict our social lives as much as possible.

Now, more than ever, we must be guided by the experts. Values such as prudence, experience, rigour and commitment are crucial to inform the best possible decisions. There are tough weeks, and perhaps even months, ahead for all of us. However, we will prevail, and we will almost certainly learn valuable lessons on how to tackle any other challenges that lie ahead. The Banca March team is comprised of excellent professionals. I am proud to say that their excellence lies not only in their outstanding level of technical training, but in their sense of commitment to doing what is best for our customers and their responsibility to society.

Banca March will do everything in its power to mitigate the impact of Covid-19, by protecting the health and the finances of its customers and employees and in turn, of society as a whole. Now is the time for foresight and fortitude. We are a mature society, and one which prospers in the face of adversity. In the name of Banca March and my own, I would like to thank you for placing your trust in us, and assure you that we remain fully at your service and you have our complete, unwavering support.

Many  thanks

Juan March de la Lastra

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