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At Banca March, we want to keep you always informed, and this section gives you the opportunity to find out whatever you want to know about.


Banca March makes strong progress in its digital transformation, optimising data management with cutting-edge technology by Telefónica

  • Banca March is to optimise the storage, management and administration of its data at TecnoAlcalá, Telefónica's leading global tech centre, which will also provide the platform, management and administration for its hyperconverged infrastructure and operating system. 
  • This agreement forms part of the Banca March Digital Transformation Plan, which aims, among other goals, to equip the bank with next-generation technology infrastructure.

Banca March is making robust progress with its Digital Transformation Plan thanks to an agreement with Telefónica which will allow it to optimise its data management with cutting-edge technology. Within the scope of this project, which will run for five years, global telecoms leader Telefónica will provide Banca March with data storage, management and administration services at its tech hub TecnoAlcalá, which has secured Tier IV certification from the Uptime Institute. Telefónica will also provide the platform, management and administration for Banca March's hyperconverged infrastructure and its operating system.

This project to reinforce Banca March's infrastructure is a major milestone in the bank's Digital Transformation Plan, which was launched in 2018 for a three-year period and will entail a total investment of 75 million euros by 2020.

Banca March's digital strategy, under the guidance of the bank's Deputy Chair, Rita Rodríguez Arrojo, is structured around three key goals: to improve customer experience, to expand the range of digital tools available to managers, and to enhance the efficiency of internal processes. The bank's digitalisation efforts are a response to its strategic goal of positioning itself as the leading provider of private banking and corporate advisory in the Spanish market, and are also closely aligned with its business model, which is underpinned by four key pillars: shareholder commitment, unique, exclusive products and services, outstanding quality service, and excellent professionals.

Banca March CIO Teresa Capella said: “For Banca March, technology is a crucial lever that allows us to continue to offer outstanding service to our customers, who need technology solutions and frameworks that facilitate and accelerate access to our services and enhance their experiences as users. This project is part of an ambitious Digital Transformation Plan which encompasses significant investments to safeguard the bank's present and future operations.”

As part of the Digital Transformation Plan, Banca March's Technology Unit is rolling out a range of projects aimed at updating the bank's infrastructure, with a view to implementing cutting-edge, mature, flexible, reliable technology that facilitates and ensures the development and sustainability of the business, its digital transformation and its operating model.

Among others, the core lines of the technology transformation process are focused on providing top-level cybersecurity solutions, updating communication lines to afford greater capacity and speed, acquiring next-generation server virtualisation solutions and quicker, more frequent IT backup solutions, , updating the physical network of firewalls to reinforce information exit and entry points, adapting the architecture to receive cloud-based services from various suppliers and modernising workspaces.

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