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At Banca March, we want to keep you always informed, and this section gives you the opportunity to find out whatever you want to know about.


Banca March launches innovative new Unit Linked Insurance to invest in ETFs

  • Banca March has reinforced its range of insurance products with the March Vida MultiETF Unit Linked, an innovative unit-linked life insurance product allowing for investment in exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
  • The product's key benefits are its strong potential for diversification across various assets, as well as the low cost and tax efficiency of investing in ETFs.

Banca March has launched March Vida MultiETF Unit Linked, a unit-linked life insurance product that allows unitholders to invest efficiently in a broad range of exchange-traded funds (ETF).

Specifically, the product will offer two investment options. Firstly, a basket of global market indices, with weightings to be determined by the Banca March Market Strategy department and the option for the customer to adjust their portfolios on a quarterly basis. Secondly, a flexible basket in which the customer can determine the combination of equity and fixed income ETFs in which they wish to invest. This will afford investors complete freedom to undertake any transfers they wish between different ETFs.

As a result, the bank is now able to offer customers and non-customers alike a product which is highly conducive to diversification and offers advantageous tax efficiency, as balance transfers between the ETFs included in the unit-linked product are tax-exempt until redemption.

March Vida MultiETF Unit Linked offers comprehensive cover, including an additional benefit in the event of death, double indemnity in the event of accidental death and triple indemnity in the event of death due to a road traffic accident. Additionally, as this is a life insurance product, it offers a rebate on inheritance and donations tax, and beneficiaries can be designated freely.

This new product can be acquired starting from a minimum initial premium of 50,000 euros and can be redeemed at any time from day one.

Carlos Navarro, Associate Deputy Director of the Banca March Insurance Area, said: “We are absolutely convinced of the significant advantages that the opportunity to invest in a product like March Vida MultiETF Unit Linked holds for investors. The product's strong potential for diversification, as well as the tax efficiency and the advantages of unit-linked products as an insurance option, make this an excellent solution which will be highly attractive to investors.”


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