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At Banca March, we want to keep you always informed, and this section gives you the opportunity to find out whatever you want to know about.


Banca March launches a new retirement insurance product based on the bank's Next Generation product, which invests in future trends

  • Banca March has launched PIAS Next Generation Unit Linked, March Vida's new Systematic Individual Savings Plan (PIAS, in Spanish), which allows for long-term savings via investment in Next Generation, a portfolio management product launched in February to invest in megatrends.
  • PIAS Next Generation Unit Linked enjoys highly advantageous tax treatment without sacrificing liquidity, as it can be redeemed at any time.
  •  The product can be acquired from a minimum initial premium of 1,000 euros.

Banca March has today announced the launch of the PIAS Next Generation Unit Linked, a new unit-linked Systematic Individual Savings Plan (PIAS, in Spanish) which allows planholders to invest in three megatrends that the bank's Products area has identified as a potential source of income over the coming years: Industry 4.0, Sustainability and the Environment, and Demographics and Lifestyle. This insurance product invests customer contributions in the same portfolio of funds as Next Generation, a Banca March portfolio management product that seeks to allow customers to harness investment opportunities which not only generate returns, but also help shape the future.

As this is a retirement savings plan, investors benefit from the significant tax advantages these products attract. This Systematic Individual Savings Plan has a minimum entry premium of 1,000 euros, which affords access to an unparalleled product in the market. Given the nature of the funds in which it invests, the Banca March PIAS Next Generation Unit Linked is particularly well-suited to young people who are concerned about their retirement and have a long-term investment horizon and an awareness of the trends that will shape the future.

Carlos Navarro, Associate Deputy Director of the Banca March Insurance Area, said: β€œThe PIAS Next Generation Unit Linked is a great option for anyone who wants to save for retirement but finds that pension plans and insured pension plans (PPAs) fail to offer the liquidity they need, as this Systematic Individual Savings Plan boasts the advantage of being redeemable from day one with no penalty. Because it is a long-term investment solution implemented through a life insurance product, it also provides for the payment of an additional benefit in the event of death.”

Next Generation: long-term sustainable returns

Through its Next Generation portfolio management product, Banca March seeks to allow investors to harness new opportunities which are aligned with the megatrends shaping the future of our society, and will therefore generate sustainable returns over the long term. This Systematic Individual Savings Plan invests in the Next Generation portfolio, comprising almost twenty specialist investment funds which Banca March's analysts study in great detail and monitor constantly.

Next Generation is well-diversified by region, sector, style and market cap. It invests in 100% equity funds, although – true to Banca March's philosophy of risk control – it is a well-diversified portfolio, constructed based on third-party themed investment funds which are carefully selected by the Banca March team.

In terms of sectors, the technology sector has a significant weighting within the portfolio. The Industry 4.0 theme includes investment opportunities in the areas of automation, robotics, digitalisation, fintechs and artificial intelligence. In Sustainability and the Environment, funds are selected in the fields of energy, climate change, agriculture, water and sustainability. Finally, in Demographics and Lifestyle, investment options are included in the fields of food, consumer trends, health and ageing.


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