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At Banca March, we want to keep you always informed, and this section gives you the opportunity to find out whatever you want to know about.


Banca March launches a new life cycle pension plan for Generation X

  • The plan focuses on the long-term saving needs of those born between 1970 and 1980
  • In "life cycle" pension plans, the portfolio distribution adjusts to the investor profile of the members as they approach retirement, reducing the volatility and exposure to higher-risk assets and increasing the weight of the more conservative ones.
  • This is the first pension plan in the Banca March Life Cycle range, which will grow to include products with the same strategy for other age groups

Banca March today announced the launch of a pension plan designed to provide Generation X savers - especially those born between 1970 and 1980 - with a return and risk appropriate to their needs in every stage of their lives, through a diversified portfolio of global investment assets up to retirement. The plan will channel investments through March Generación X PP and will be managed by March Pensiones, the pension plan manager of the Banca March Group.

This is the first product in the manager's Life Cycle range. In this investment strategy, the distribution of the portfolio adjusts to the investor profile of the pension plan members as they approach retirement, gradually reducing the volatility and exposure to higher-risk assets, like equities, and increasing the weight of the more conservative ones, such as fixed income. Accordingly, the March Pensiones managers will adjust the plan's portfolio to the member's age, so investors don't need to worry about switching to a different plan as they get older.

The March Generación X pension plan is characterised by its diversity, meaning that it will invest in fixed income as well as equities and alternative assets. Its distribution will be adjusted over time, so while equities will account for around 70% of the assets at the beginning of the strategy, they will gradually fall to approximately 35% in a retirement horizon located in 2040-2045. This first life-cycle pension plan will be followed by plans adapted to other age groups but with the same investment strategy.

Carlos Navarro, Assistant Deputy Managing Director of Banca March and head of the Insurance area, said, "Our goal as an entity is joint growth with our customers, whom we accompany throughout their lives with proposals adapted to their profile. Our Life Cycle pension plans provide members with the assurance that their plan is managed by a team of experts who will ensure profitability but, above all, will preserve their savings. Today more than ever, a pension plan is crucial for ensuring the same standard of living after retirement."


The managers of March Gestión de Pensiones and March Asset Management (AM) (the investment fund manager of the Banca March Group) have more than two decades of experience managing pension plans and investment funds, always with a clear investment philosophy that combines the creation of long-term value with the protection of customers' assets. This maximizes the profitability/risk binomial, with excellent results and consistency over time. Last year some of the pension plans and EPSVs that March Pensiones and March AM have on the market yielded returns that exceeded their benchmark indices.

For example, the March Pensiones 50/50 investment fund was ranked in the top quartile of its category for 5, 10 and 15-year profitability. Its managers follow a global mixed equity strategy, in which equities account for at least 50% of the portfolio, although sometimes as much as 75%. The companies in which the fund invests are selected and analyzed by the manager's experts: stable, un-leveraged businesses with high dividend yields, good margin management and top-quality management team.

Another example is the March Pensión Creciente fund, which is in the first quartile of its category for 10-year profitability and the second quartile for 5 and 15-year profitability. This is a short-term fixed-income fund that invests in both public and private debt with a high credit rating ( minimum equivalent to that of the Kingdom of Spain).

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