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At Banca March, we want to keep you always informed, and this section gives you the opportunity to find out whatever you want to know about.


Banca March expands its range of Joint Investment options with new real economy and megatrend projects

  • As scarce returns on traditional assets give rise to a challenging backdrop, Banca March is expanding its Joint Investment opportunities with new options linked to the real economy and megatrends.
  • Banca March has developed six new Joint Investment projects worth a total of 270 million euros across a range of areas of activity: logistics, real estate financing, startups, care homes for the elderly, hotels and security.
  • Since 2008, the bank has generated Joint Investment proposals worth a total of 1.4 billion euros, with a total customer shareholding of 60%.
  • The success of the bank's Next Generation strategy is a clear reflection of the significant interest among investors in innovative investment alternatives, given the complex current market scenario.

Banca March has launched a series of new investment alternatives in response to the current market uncertainty. These new projects will expand the bank's range of joint investment undertakings in the real economy to offer its customers the chance to invest in a range of assets with extensive future potential. Specifically, the bank is launching six new projects worth a total of 270 million euros, investing in logistics, real estate, hotels and security. Megatrends - which are changing society as we know it - also feature prominently among these joint investment initiatives, with projects involving tech startups and care homes for the elderly.

Joint investment is an unparalleled value proposition by Banca March and one of the cornerstones of the bank’s business model. It is the utmost expression of the bank's complete alignment with the interests of its customers, who stand to benefit from its extensive experience in analysing investment projects and its long-term commitment.

The new projects encompass a broad range of assets, namely real estate financing, corporate debt, private equity, infrastructure and venture capital. By regions, 78% of the investments are in the Spanish market, 37% are global, 27% are in Europe and 12% are US-based.

The new joint investment solutions include turnkey logistics real estate asset developments and the SOCIMI Adriano Care, which is set to acquire a portfolio of property assets used for residential care for the elderly.

Tourism has also been targeted as a key area of interest for joint investment projects, specifically, a brand new five-star hotel asset. Another of the proposals is a fund investing in real estate financing.

Population ageing is not the only megatrend that features among Banca March's joint investment proposals; these projects also encompass tech startups, through one of the leading European funds investing in tech companies with a major growth component.

Another project allows customers to invest in a European leader in the security sector with a robust outlook for future revenues, profits and market share.

“This new project catalogue will afford our customers access to assets with compelling potential over the coming years. We believe that in the current context of deep uncertainty, it is essential to diversify the portfolio with illiquid investments. Our 90-year history means we can go a step further than our competitors, identifying the best opportunities at each point in the cycle and investing in them alongside our customers,” explained the team of experts in Banca March's Product area.

Megatrends for the changing economic cycle

Recently, in response to the challenges posed by the current economic slowdown, Banca March launched its discretional portfolio management strategy Next Generation, which invests in three key areas: Industry 4.0, sustainability and the environment, and lifestyle. This investment approach is implemented through a portfolio of global funds with stronger weighting in growth regions like Asia and countries where tech companies have strong penetration rates, such as the US. This discretional management strategy also affords a greater weighting to SMEs with compelling growth rates in revenues and profits. The strategy has been extremely popular among our customers, generating more than 400 investment mandates.

Its goal is to secure a sufficiently compelling performance in a market scenario which is characterised by a distinct scarcity of sources of returns. “We are in a very advanced phase of the cycle, with growing trade tensions and heightened political uncertainty at the global level. With this in mind, and given the downgraded earnings per share forecasts for 2019, it is crucial to see other attractive alternatives and invest in assets linked to the real economy, based on megatrends,” said the Banca March Product team.

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