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At Banca March, we want to keep you always informed, and this section gives you the opportunity to find out whatever you want to know about.


Banca March exceeds 1,000 discretionary portfolio management contracts in one year

  • The bank passes the thousand-customer milestone for discretionary portfolio management contracts in just one year.
  • Since the end of December, the number of customers who signed discretionary portfolio management contracts has increased by 37% and the volume of assets increased by 27%.
  • Next Generation, the new discretionary portfolio management product based on megatrends, accounts for 125 of Banca March's 1,000 mandates. This appeals to the younger customers of the Private Banking business, those at the forefront of the latest developments and who seek high added value ideas that set the tone for the future.

  Since making this service available for its customer, Banca March has exceeded 1,000 discretionary portfolio management contracts in the space of just a year Since April 2018, this service complements the customer's asset consultancy products. The rapid growth of this business division reflects the trust that our customers place in the bank's team of high-level professionals, to whom they delegate not only the selection, but also the implementation of the investment strategy. The pace at which mandates have grown prove this, both in terms of customer numbers and the volume of assets, up 37% and 27% respectively over the course of 2019.

Banca March's discretionary portfolio management offers customers a selection of open-architecture products which are actively managed and deliver added value.

Next Generation – discretionary management for the new generation

125 out of more than 1,000 Banca March mandates are Next Generation, an innovative discretionary management product which was launched just a few months ago and is based on megatrends featuring high added value services. Next Generation invests in major future trends: the 4.0 revolution, sustainability, the environment, demographics and lifestyle. This a long-term investment horizon and is aimed at those customers who wish to partake in these changes. It also seeks to attract younger customers who look for innovative services with high added value. Next Generation is not only a compelling solution for current customers, but also appeals to other groups, such as the so-called millennial generation. This product offers them the opportunity to encounter elements which interest them in financial markets that are similar to those they can find elsewhere, thus ensuring that Banca March's strategic objectives are a reference point within the industry. Unlike the bank's other discretionary portfolio management mandates, the initial investment amount to qualify for this product is 50,000 euros.

Next Generation has very well-balanced mix in terms of locations, sectors, styles and capitalisation: this way the position is spread out across all domains. The new discretionary portfolio management product is specifically based on a prudent approach and growing together, combining Banca March, its customers, employees and shareholders through a portfolio based on 100% equity-based thematic funds overseen by external fund managers which have been carefully selected by Banca March's team of professionals.

The Banca March Products division explains that: “Our firm conviction in these funds has led us to identify the sectors have the potential for continued growth, even in a world that is slowing down. We therefore involve our customers in investment opportunities that not only create profits, but also contribute to shape the future.”

 One of the most innovative distinguishing features is Banca March's commitment to tapping into the knowledge of the best experts in the field for each of the megatrends that have been identified through several meetings.

 With regard to the represented sectors, technology has a significant presence in the portfolio composition. The Industry 4.0 theme includes concepts such as automation, robotics, digitalisation, fintech and artificial intelligence. In the Sustainability and Environment sectors, investment strategies are identified in the fields of energy, climate change, agriculture, water and sustainability. Finally, alternatives in the fields of nutrition, consumption habits, health and the elderly care are included in the Demographics and Lifestyle sectors.

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