Risk-profiled funds

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In line with the customer's management mandate and expected returns and risk tolerance, our team of experts designs a portfolio of funds tailor-made to the customer's investment profile.

The portfolio can be either defensive, conservative, moderate or adventurous.

Why invest?

  • We have 4 funds to adapt to the different risk profiles of our customers.
  • We invest in strategies that thrive in the market environment, managed by the best investment teams to grasp the opportunities on offer.
  • Access to investments that are often restricted to exclusive investors. .

How do we do this?

Crisis Management icon

Management in times of crisis and market rallies.

Portfolio diversification icon

Portfolio diversification (Fixed Income, Equities and Absolute Return).

Global funds icon

More than 20 funds from the best institutions globally.

track record icon

Track record dating back more than 10 years. March AM was named the Best Conservative Portfolio and Best Adventurous Portfolio at the 2017 Expansión-Allfunds Awards.

Why do it now?

In times of volatility, it makes more sense to trust an expert to select the best strategies tailored to the risk profile of each customer.

Risk-profiled funds require a minimum investment and enjoy the same tax benefits as investment funds (fiscal transferability included).

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