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The new European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has already been incorporated in Spain with the entry into force of the Royal Decree Law 19/2018.

What is PSD2?

PSD2 is the new European payments services regulation that requires the amendment of the clauses included in the following contracts:

  • Online banking services.
  • Online banking services.
  • Current and saving accounts contracts.

The main objective of PSD2 is to further protect payment services users by ensuring that transactions with new digital media, cards, Internet and mobile phones are secure and offering access to a growing range of innovative payment services at European level

What are the benefits and changes of PSD2 for you as a user of means of payment?

  • PSD2 limits the payer’s liability to 50 euros for losses stemming from unauthorised payment transactions as a result of theft or misappropriation of cards or other means of payment. This holds true if the obligations of custody of the means of payment and passwords have been fulfilled. The limit was 150 euros under the previous regulation.
  • It streamlines claims settlement deadlines from 2 months to 15 working days.
  • It reinforces security requirements for client authentication to prevent identity or password theft.

These services may be offered by the bank or other registered payment service providers that are authorised and supervised by the Bank of Spain..

  • Account information services: provide the payment service user with aggregated information on one or more payment accounts held with their respective payment service providers, thus delivering comprehensive and real-time information on their financial situation. This requires the prior consent of the client, who chooses the accounts to be added and may revoke the consent at any time.
  • Payment initiation services: allow intermediaries to guarantee payment from the consumer to the merchant as an alternative to card payments. Prior consent of the client is mandatory. 

On behalf of Banca March, and always for justified reasons and to prevent unauthorised access or fraud, these providers may be denied access to your payment account. In addition, for security reasons, we will contact you if this situation arises and need your confirmation.


Payment transactions made in euros shall be executed at the latest on the working day following receipt of the payment order.

Any changes that confer a benefit to you shall be immediately applicable. You can terminate the contracts free of charge if you do not agree to the new amendments; it will be otherwise understood that you accept them. Moreover, you can request at any time that your branch provide you with the latest conditions which are applicable to your payment services.

SCA: what it is and how it affects you

From 14th September 2019, the payment services European regulatory directive (PSD2) has established more rigorous security requirements for electronic payment transactions, with a view to preventing the theft of your identity or access codes. This is known as SCA or enhanced authentication.

For payment transactions where Banca March needs to verify your identity, two or more authentication factors will be used soon from the following categories:

  • “Knowledge”, or something you know: your PIN number or password.
  • “Possession”, or something you possess: a card, mobile phone, or digital certificate.
  • An "inherent" factor, such as a fingerprint or facial recognition.

    Under current requirements, card details are requested, such as the card number, expiry date and CVV security code, but these details are not a valid form of verification for enhanced authentication purposes. Therefore, the use of an additional verification code will be required shortly (a code sent per SMS to your mobile phone, a key word, etc.). 

    In order to improve user and purchase experiences, said European directive requires only one authentication factor for low-value and low-risk transactions. 

    As new authentication factors are developed, we will keep you informed of all the latest authentication options that are available to you.


    It is important that you keep your mobile phone number up to date with Banca March, as it is necessary for the bank to approve any transactions that require enhanced authentication.

    If you have already done so, you can update the number at any time under Profile and Settings > Mobile Phone of your Online Banking.  

    However, if this data is not up to date, please contact your account manager or branch as soon as possible.

    Do not hesitate to contact us on 901 111 000 or otherwise your account manager or branch directly for any query you may have. 

    Technical Information


    Through the following links you will find all the information required to connect to our API in the Sandbox test environment. This service is aimed at businesses and professionals who may be interested to act as TPP (Third Party Payment Service Providers) and establish a trusting relationship with Banca March and its customers.

    Even if the platform is monitored 24/7, TPP’s can use several channels to report incidents or queries.  

    • For queries relating to Sandbox and test installation: mailto:psd2.sandbox.soporte@redsys.es
    • For queries regarding installation of production materials: psd2.hub.soporte@redsys.es
    • To have your queries or technical issues solved during the technical configuration process, you can also contact us 24/7 on telephone number 91 728 23 21.

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