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March Private Equity SGEIC, S.A  

March PE is a private equity management firm, under Spanish supervision and regulation (CNMV), owned 100% by Banca March, investing in international private equity.

This is an additional, exclusive service that Banca March offers its customers as part of the planning and management of its equity and that benefits from the almost one hundred years of investment experience boasted by the March Group.

It is also a platform for generating vehicles with a constant innovative capacity in international PE, offering exclusive access to the asset.

Why Private Equity?

Alternative approaches and, in particular, Private Equity have established themselves as an alternative to traditional stock market and fixed income investment.

Returns generated in Private Equity outperform all other assets.

Public markets, especially in the US, face new challenges: (a) excess capital for investing in few attractive companies, (b) access to information and technology complicates the generation of alpha, and (c) investors’ very short-term vision (behaviour tracks economic cycles).

For all types of customers

  • Strategic line providing constant access to investment in international PE through one of the largest Spanish investors in this asset class.
  • Efficient fee structure.
  • Access for retail-rated customers (MiFID).
  • Perfect knowledge of the market and exclusive access to co-investment opportunities.
  • Different types of vehicles: FCR, SCR.
  • Full alignment of interests between management team and investor.

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