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Banca March - Crecemos con valores, crecemos juntosProvision and Retirement

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Peace of mind when you retire

It is never too early to think about saving for your retirement. Have you made plans? Shall we begin?

Peace of mind

The aim of all pension plans is to achieve peace of mind. Ours is also to make this grow. Peace of mind and profitability for your future:

  • The peace of mind of having your savings secure in the most solvent bank in Europe.
  • Profitability, the best performance with the lowest risk, placing our Pension Plans among the best on the Market.
  • Attractive tax benefits


So that you don't lose your purchasing power when you retire:

  • Do you know what future pension you will have when you retire? We can inform you and plan how to cover the difference in income.
  • We can advise you on the product that best suits your age and profile.
  • When you retire, we will help you choose the best option to redeem your Plan, at the lowest possible tax cost.


Whatever your age and/or investment profile, we have the most suitable product for your future needs:

  • PLAN DE PENSIONES DE CICLO DE VIDA MARCH GENERACIÓN X. Aimed at the so called Generation X, it adapts its investment length to the working life of the participant by slowly reducing the level of exposure to equities and increasing its weight in fixed income assets.
  • PLAN PENSIONES CRECIENTE. For very conservative profiles and people close to retirement (100% Fixed Income).
  • MARCH PENSIONES 80/20. For conservative profiles (80% Fixed-Income, 20% Variable Income).
  • MARCH PENSIONES 50/50. For moderate profiles and investors who want to obtain greater profitability by assuming a certain risk (Mix of Fixed Income and Variable Income).
  • MARCH ACCIONES. For more risky profiles and young investors (International Variable Income).
  • EPSVs. Specially designed for our clients residing in the Basque Country.
  • PLAN DE PREVISIÓN ASEGURADOS (PPA). Save with no nasty surprises at guaranteed interest rates year after year.
  • PLAN INDIVIDUAL DE AHORRO SISTEMÁTICO (PIAS). For people who wish to have greater liquidity.
  • MARCH VIDA SEGURO INDIVIDUAL DE AHORRO A LARGO PLAZO (SIALP). A long-term individual savings insurance plan that has been designed for those who wish to save in a comfortable and flexible way without having to pay tax after a 5-year period.
  • PLAN JUBILACIÓN DIRECTIVOS For executives with elevated income and greater economic imbalance between their current salary and the state retirement pension.

Banca March sells insurance products as an associated Insurance Banking agent. DGS and FP: OV-0040. PPA y PIAS de March Vida. EPSV (March Moderado Plan de Previsión Social and March Acciones, Plan de Previsión Social), specific products for tax residents in the Basque country.  Management company: March Gestión de Pensiones, S.G.F.P., S.A.U. Depository bank: Banca March, S.A.

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