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Google Pay is a fast and simple way of making payments at thousands of establishments, websites and apps worldwide.

Always on hand

Add your Banca March cards to Google Pay and pay quickly using your mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch or computer on thousands of websites, apps and establishments worldwide.

Quick and simple

 Avoid having to fill in your payment information every time you want to make a payment. Once you have introduced your cards in Google Pay, you can make payments instantly.

Completely secure

Banca March and Google guarantee maximum security. Both your personal information and your transactional information will be encrypted to protect them against any threats.

How do I add a card to Google Pay?

  • Open the Google Pay app.
  • Take a photo of your card or introduce the information manually.
  • Verify the purchase via text message..

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How does Google Pay verify the card?

  • Once the card is added, we will send an SMS message with the verification code.
  • When you receive it, you must introduce the verification code on screen.
  • Follow these two steps to start using Google Pay.

Secure and hassle-free.

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How can I use Google Pay to pay at establishments using my phone?

  • Look for any of these symbols:

  • Activate your phone and place it over the terminal.
  • Introduce the pin and wait for the verification tick to appear.

You do not even have to open the app.

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How do I pay online using Google Pay?

  • Look for any of these symbols when paying online or via apps:

  • Choose the card you want to pay with. You can also add it instantly and it will appear next time you use Google Pay to pay online.
  • Google Pay will check your details securely.

Done! With no need to create an account, log in or fill out any forms.

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How is data kept safe?

  • When you pay at an establishment, Google does not share your card details, rather it sends a unique encrypted number.
  • What happens if I lose my phone? Google makes it easy for you using the "Find my device" service. 
  • This service looks for your phone remotely, blocks it and deletes its content.

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1. Google Pay is a registered trademark of Google LLC 


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