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Bizum is an easy, instant and secure way of sending and receiving money with the Banca March app, completely free of charge and with no need for cards or account numbers. çat

  • Simple

    Select a contact from your address book or enter the recipient's mobile phone number and indicate the amount.

  • Free of charge

    You can send and receive payments completely free of charge.

  • Immediate

    The money is sent in just a few seconds.

  • Secure

    Bizum is supported by the majority of institutions in the Spanish banking system.

How does Bizum work?

Send money

  • Go to the Banca March app and open the Bizum menu.
  • Select a contact or enter a mobile phone number and then indicate the amount you want to send.

Receive money

  • You will receive an SMS notification informing you that the money has been received and is now available in your account.

Make online payments

  • Select the Bizum payment option.
  • You will then be asked to log in to the Banca March App to confirm the transaction.
  • After doing so you will receive a code per SMS that you will have to enter into the relevant box to validate the payment.
  • You can now return to the store website and complete your purchase.

Request money

  • Go to the Banca March app and open the Bizum menu.
  • Select a contact or enter a mobile phone number and then indicate the amount you want to receive.

NGO Donations

  • Select an NGO from the list, the debit account (if you have more than one) and enter the amount you want to donate.

What do you need to use Bizum?

  • Be a user of the Banca March online banking service.
  • Have downloaded the Banca March app to your mobile or tablet.

If you don't use our app yet, you can download it here:


How can I register?

  • Download the Banca March app from the Google Play or Apple Store (compatible with iOS and Android 5.0 or above).
  • In the Banca March app you'll find Bizum in the “Operations” menu. Click on "Register" and accept the terms and conditions.
  • You can see how your name will be displayed and the associated phone number and select the predefined account if you have more than one.
  • Then to complete the process you will need to confirm the operation by entering the code you will receive by SMS.

Do I need to register with Bizum to send and receive money?

  • Yes, you need to register with Bizum from the Banca March app.
  • The recipient also needs to be registered to receive the money or your request. If they're not, you can send them an SMS notification asking them to.
  • If the recipient registers within 48 hours, the money will be sent immediately after they do so.

Does Banca March Bizum cost anything?

You can currently use Banca March Bizum completely free of charge to send and receive money between Spanish mobile phones and bank accounts.

What limits are there on the amount and number of transfers?

  • Minimum transaction amount: 0,50€.
  • Maximum transaction amount: 1.000€.
  • Maximum amount of transactions received per Customer in one day: 2.000€.
  • Number of transactions made by a customer in a month: 150.
  • Number of transactions received by a customer in a month: 60.
  • Maximum number of recipients to be included in a multiple request/transfer: 30.
  • Time frame for pending transfers to a contact: 2 days.
  • Time frame for pending requests to a contact: 7 days.
  • Maximum storage time for additional content on the service's servers: 30 days.

If I have a number of different bank accounts or am a customer of more than one bank, do I need to choose which one to use Bizum with?

  • Bizum can only be linked to one bank account and one telephone line, so you will need to choose the bank you want to use. If you have more than one telephone line, you can link each one to a different financial institution.
  • If you have several bank accounts, when you register you will have to choose a default account. You will also have the opportunity to choose another (not the default) account for a specific transfer through the drop-down menu. You can change your default account by opening the Bizum menu and clicking on “My profile”.
  • If you want to change your Bizum account to a bank other than Banca March, you will need to register this change in Bizum from the Banca March app. As the final step you will be notified that you have now been registered with another bank and, in order to complete the portability process, you will be asked to confirm this with a code you will receive via SMS.

If there are two account holders, can they use Bizum independently?

Yes, both account holders can use Bizum by each of them linking their own mobile phone to the account independently. Both if them will have access to that joint account and be able to send/receive money from their mobile phone.

What happens if I send money to the wrong person? How do I claim it back?

  • Before making a payment, you will be able to see the recipient's details and check they are correct.
  • If you accidentally send money to the wrong person, you must contact Banca March to justify the refunding of the payment by calling: 971 779 111.

How do I accept or refuse a request for money?

  • Accept a payment request: if you want to accept a payment request, you must sign for the transaction by entering the code received by SMS, the amount requested will then be sent to the recipient who made the request.
  • Refuse a payment request: if you decide not to accept a payment request, the confirmation screen will appear showing that the request was refused and letting you return to the Bizum home page.

How can I view recent activity in Bizum?

Go to the Banca March app and open the Bizum menu. You will see two tabs:

  • Recent activity: a list of up to 20 transactions in a maximum period of 30 days will appear, classified by coloured labels:
    • Red: completed without having materialised (expired, cancelled, refused).
    • Green: completed and fulfilled (sent, received).
  • Transactions pending: the transactions pending completion are shown in yellow.

Can I use Bizum from the Banca March app to shop on the Internet?

Yes, you also have the choice to make online payments with Bizum in a fast, convenient and secure manner. To carry out a payment on a web page, simply choose the Bizum option and you will be redirected to the Banca March App, where you will have to confirm the transaction with a code that will be sent per SMS to your mobile phone.

Security advice

The following guide contains the basic safety tips for operating with Bizum. To access.


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