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The Euro Account is a product adapted to your needs if you intend to visit our country shortly in order to buy a property. If you reside in one of the countries below and are over 18, open now your Euro Account and you will be able to transfer funds before your arrival.


  • An account allowing you to transfer funds for your home purchase before you arrive in Spain.
  • It can be opened quickly and conveniently from anywhere in your country, no visits to the bank are required for the first steps involving the opening and ordering of the first transfer.


  • All account holders must visit the branch and sign the final contract within one month after the account opening.
  • No other products can be contracted until then. No withdrawals or debits will be permitted either.
  • Only documents in *English, German, French, Italian or Portuguese*will be accepted. For all other cases, original documents will be submitted together with a Spanish translation authenticated with the Hague Apostille or made by a sworn translator.

Which are the requirements?

You only need to be a private individual, over 18 years old and reside in one of the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Iceland, Italy (except Vatican City), Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom (with the exception of Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey), Sweden, Switzerland or United States.

The final contract of the Euro Account must be signed by all applicants at the branch of your choice. Through the attached application form you can open a Euro Account and, from then on, you will be able to transfer funds into your new account, provided that they come from an account opened in your country of residence in your name. In order to have access to your money, all account holders must visit the branch within one month and sign the final contract. From that moment, you will also be able to contract any other product you may consider of interest.

How can I be a Euro Account holder?

Read carefully the contents of the application form below, fill out the first page and sign at the bottom of the second page. Then send it to our Call Center by e-mail ( or fax (+34 971 779 231), together with a copy of your passport(s) and proof of your current occupation as well as of the origin of funds (required for all applicants):

  • Employees, retirees and unemployed people: Provide accreditation of your status by means of the automatic deposit of your salary, pension or unemployment benefits or, if automatic deposit has not been set up, please submit your employment contract, last pay slip, pension or unemployment benefit receipt.
  • Professionals: Specify your profession (architect, doctor, lawyer, etc.) and submit your professional association card or your tax census registration (equivalent to Spanish form 036) or, lacking these, any other documentation that verifies your professional activity.
  • Business owners: Specify both your business activity and the location of that activity and submit your tax census registration (equivalent to Spanish form 036) or any other documentation related to your business that verifies these data.
  • Unemployed: Indicate the origin of your funds (for example, apartment rental) and verify it by means of any documentation you have. In any case, if you are not able to provide the abovementioned documents, you can also submit a report from a banking institution in your country of residence which states your employment status and job, or if you are unemployed, the origin of your funds.

Provided that you (all account holders) visit the branch of your choice within a one-month period, you can now be a Euro Account holder.

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