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Management experience

Banca March offers a range of different investment funds

Capitalise on Banca March's management experience.

Finding the investment solution best suited to your needs and developing your investment profile is much simpler thanks to the advice received from our professional experts. Banca March has a wide range of its own investment funds and funds offered through March Asset Management, as open architecture through All Funds.

Discover the tax benefits we offer to obtain the greatest benefit and access to your money, whenever you need it.




Risk-profiled funds

March Cartera Defensiva picture

March Cartera Defensiva, F.I.

If you are looking for more returns on your savings maintaining a low-risk profile, this is the fund for you.

March Cartera Conservadora picture

March Cartera Conservadora, F.I.

For conservative profiles, with hassle-free investments through a single instrument.

March Cartera Moderada picture

March Cartera Moderada, F.I.

If you are looking to invest in a single instrument and have a moderate risk profile, this is the fund for you.

March Cartera Decidida picture

March Cartera Decidida, F.I.

A fund for investors with a medium/high risk profile looking to invest in a single instrument.

Fixed income funds

March Renta Fija Corto Plazo picture

March Renta Fija Corto Plazo, F.I.

This monetary fund is a good alternative to a current account. Obtain returns while maintaining daily liquidity.

FonMarch picture

FonMarch, F.I.

For customers looking to invest in fixed income in the short and medium term, preserving their capital with interesting returns and moderate risk.

March Patrimonio Corto Plazo picture

March Patrimonio Corto Plazo, F.I.

This investment fund allows you to preserve your capital and obtain returns with 1-year interest rates.

March Rentabilidad Objetivo 2023 picture

March Rentabilidad Objetivo 2023

This fund, with a conservative profile, is an alternative to the remuneration of current account liquidity.

March Renta Fija 2025 Garantizado picture

March Renta Fija 2025 Garantizado

New March AM fixed income fund, with attractive conditions for the most conservative investor and an investment alternative to liquid accounts.

Equity funds

March Vini Catena picture

March Internacional - March Vini Catena

The first investment fund linked to the wine value chain in the world.
The wine value chain as an investment universe, thanks to March Vini Catena

The Family Businesses Fund picture

March Internacional - The Family Businesses Fund

Invest in family companies with added value.

Mediterranean Fund picture

March Internacional - Mediterranean Fund

It's time to give back what the sea has given us.

March Global picture

March Global, F.I.

Diversified fund that invests worldwide in both developed and emerging countries.

March Europa picture

March Europa, F.I.

Strategy that seeks to invest in the best opportunities offered by European companies, with a view to beating the Stoxx 50 in the medium term.

March Iberia picture

March Iberia

Spain and Portugal offer interesting investment opportunities.

March Climate Solutions picture

March Climate Solutions

Climate change opportunities in equities.


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The collective investment scheme referred to is entered in the corresponding register held by the Spanish National Securities Market Commission ( Before subscribing stocks and shares, the investor must be provided with the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and/or the prospectus and/or other documents stipulated by the collective investment scheme regulations.

Investors must bear in mind that investments in collective investment schemes involve some level of risk (for further details about these risks, consult the prospectus and KIID). Past returns are not a guarantee of future returns. This website has not been verified or revised by the CNMV.

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