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Mortgage lending

Pursuant to the provisions of Order EHA/2899/2011, of 28 October, on transparency and the protection of banking services customers, you can consult the guidelines for obtaining a mortgage at this branch.

Consumers wishing to formally arrange a mortgage loan for a property in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia have the right to be provided with a list of the legally required documentation (IDEP), setting out all the documents that they must be provided with through to the formal arrangement of the agreement. Decree Law 5/2019, of 17 December amending Law 3/2016 of 9 June on the protection of the rights of consumers and users in property mortgage loan agreements (Official Gazette of the Regional Government of Andalusia No. 247 of 2019).

In reference to Royal Decree Law 1/2017 you are hereby informed that we have information available on the Prior Claim Procedure and Refund of Floor Clauses as set out in these regulations.

Payment services

Pursuant to Bank of Spain Circular 5/2012 of 27 June for credit institutions and payment service providers on the transparency of banking services and responsibility for granting loans, you are hereby informed that the following information is available, having been duly updated and to the date in question:

  • Annex 1: Quarterly information on fees and rates applicable or offered most commonly on the most frequent transactions with the most common customer profiles of natural persons.
  • Minimum purchase rates and maximum sales rates for foreign exchange transactions in euros.
  • Annex 2: Interest rates and fees charged on unspoken overdrafts in deposit accounts and unspoken overruns in credit accounts.
  • Informational booklet on maximum tariffs on stock market services and transactions.

Pursuant to the provisions of Rule 7 in Bank of Spain Circular 2/2019, of 29 March, on the requirements of the Informative Document on Fees and the State of Fees, and payment account comparison websites, you are hereby provided with information on the fees, charges and interest applied to the different payment accounts offered in the Informative Document on Fees and the list of the most representative services associated with a payment account. These documents can be requested from any Banca March branch.

Pursuant to Order ECE/1263/2019, of 26 December, on the transparency of information requirements and conditions applicable to service payments, you are hereby informed that information is available about your main rights and obligations when making payments. You can request the “Your rights when making payments in Europe” leaflet at this branch.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Spanish National Securities Market Commission Circular 7/2011 of 12 December on tariff prospectus and content of standard contracts, the following types of contract are available: the Contract regulating the provisions of investment and ancillary services: the Recurring Advice Annex, the Deposit and Administration of Securities Annex, the Discretionary and Individual Portfolio Management Annex and the One-Off Advice Annex, providing you with details on the conditions of the investment services provided by Banca March. You can view these contracts at the following link: https://www.bancamarch.es/en/mifid/.

Basic payment account and transfer of the payment account

Banca March, S.A. hereby informs you that it provides the necessary information in relation to opening a basic payment account, its minimum services, conditions, applicable fees or free of charge for people at risk of financial exclusion or those deemed vulnerable at all of its establishments and on its website www.bancamarch.es pursuant to Royal Decree Law 19/2017, of 24 November, on basic payment accounts, the transfer of payment accounts and the comparability of fees, Royal Decree 164/2019, of 22 March, establishing a free system for basic payment accounts for those deemed vulnerable or at risk of financial exclusion and Order ECE/228/2019.

General information

Banca March, S.A. adheres to the “Code of Good Practice for the viable restructuring of mortgage-backed loans for primary residence”, approved in Royal Decree Law 6/2012, of 9 March, on urgent measures to protect low income mortgage debtors. However, in accordance with the resolution by Spain's Cabinet on 11 May 2021, Banca March would like to inform its customers that it has decided not to adhere to the Code of Good Practice for the purposes of renegotiation in the case of customers with guaranteed financing, as per Royal Decree Law 5/2021, of 12 March. For the purposes of Royal Decree 2606/1996 of 20 December on the Deposit Guarantee Funds of Credit Institutions, and its subsequent amendment under Royal Decree 1012/2015, of 6 November, you are hereby informed that Banca March, S.A. is adhered to the Deposit Guarantee Funds of Credit Institutions located at Calle José Ortega y Gasset, 22 - 5ª planta, 28006 Madrid, email: fogade@fgd.es, web: www.fgd.es, tel.: +34 91 431 66 45.

Monetary deposits that are guaranteed have a maximum limit of €100,000 per depositing party, regardless of the previous limit, up to a maximum of €100,000 for deposits in securities and financial instruments guaranteed and entrusted to the institution. These limits are applicable to both natural and legal persons, regardless of the number and class of deposits guarantees or the financial instruments and securities guaranteed in which they feature as the holder, pursuant to the provisions of Article 4 et seq. of the aforementioned Royal Decree.

Customer service

Please find below the customer service telephone number, where you can request any information about the product or service purchased or contracted: (+34) 971 779 111. Contact times: M-F 8 am-10 pm; S 9 am-3 pm. You may ask to be assisted in Spanish, Catalan, English and Spanish.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 9 of Order ECO/734/2004, of 11 March, on customer service departments and ombudsmen at financial institutions (Official State Gazette No. 72, of 24 March), the customers of Banca March, S.A. are hereby informed that the Bank has a customer services department and has appointed an Ombudsman. Details of the head of Customer Services department and our Customer Ombudsman can be found below.

Customer Services Department:
Dª María del Mar Mainzer Estarellas
Av. Alexandre Rosselló, 8. 07002 Palma de Mallorca
Tel.: 900 102 132. Fax: 971 779 323
E-mail: atencion_cliente@bancamarch.es

Customer ombudsman:
D. José Luis Gómez-Dégano y Ceballos-Zuñiga
C/Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, 61. 8º Dcha.
28003 Madrid. Apdo. de Correos 14019, 28080 Madrid
Tel: 91 4295 661. Fax: 91 4292 319
E-mail: oficina@defensorcliente.es

Claims and complaints shall be handled and resolved in a period of 2 months from their receipt pursuant to the provisions of the Ombudsman Regulations in force at Banca March, S.A. and its Group companies. You can asked to be provided with a copy of this at any Banca March, S.A. branch or by consulting our website, www.bancamarch.es.

Once these channels have been exhausted, the customer may file a claim or complaint directly before the Bank of Spain. The claim can be filed in two ways.

  • Online:
    To proceed with this procedure online, the interested party must have a valid digital certificate accepted by the Bank of Spain.
  • In writing:

    Using the official template that the customer can download at: www.bde.es/clientebanca/quejas/reclamaciones.html providing at least the following details:
    • Identification of the interested party.
    • Institution(s) to which the claim corresponds and the branches involved.
    • Specific reason for the claim or complaint.
    • Evidence of having completed the prior procedure before the institution's Customer Service Department or Ombudsman.
    • Time, place and original signature.
    • Attach a photocopy of the documents supporting the claims.

It may be submitted directly to the General Register of the Bank of Spain or any of its branches or sent by post to Calle Alcalá, 48. 28014 Madrid.

Furthermore, you may file claims before the following organisations, with complaint forms available at the corresponding websites:

Investor relations office at the Spanish National Securities Market Commission: Calle Edison 4, 28006 Madrid.  (www.cnmv.es/Portal/inversor/Reclamaciones.aspx)

Claims service at the General Directorate for Insurance and Pension Funds: Paseo de la Castellana 44, 28046  Madrid. (www.dgsfp.mineco.es/es/Consumidor/Reclamaciones/Paginas/InformacionProcedimiento.aspx)

Complaint forms are available in the format required by the Autonomous Community in which this branch is located.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 9 of Order ECO/734/2004, you are hereby informed that the regulations on the transparency of banking transactions and the protection of financial services customers is available at: www.bancamarch.es/en/legal-advice/.

Data protection

In relation to data protection, please also remember that you can exercise your rights of access, rectification and erasure of data, as well as request that the processing of your personal data be limited, oppose its processing or request the portability of your data, before Banca March's Customer Service Department (atencion_cliente@bancamarch.es) and you can contact the Banca March's Data Protection Officer at the following email address:  dpo@bancamarch.es. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you retain the right to file a claim before the Spanish Data Protection Agency (www.agpd.es). For more information regarding protection of your personal data, see the extended information about our Data Protection Policy at www.bancamarch.es or request a paper copy at any of our branches.

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