Next Generation

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Next Generation

Why invest?

Banca March is prepared to understand changing circumstances and look for new investment alternatives.

Next Generation is the new way of analysing and investing in the economy, a new investment opportunity that is committed to the major trends shaping the landscape.

  • Economic cycle vs. 4th Industrial Revolution.
  • Changing habits and technology as an instrument of change and driver of returns that attracts new capital.
  • The speed, depth, and impact of this transformation are increasing.

How do we do this?

We have identified the trends that are transforming our society and economy and that represent investment opportunities.

We divide trends into three axes:

  • Revolution 4.0: Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Digitalisation, Automation, etc.
  • Sustainability and the Environment: Water, Agriculture, Climate Change, Energy, Sustainability
  • Demographics and Lifestyle: Diet, Health, Consumption Habits, Silver Economy, Demographics, etc.

Why do it now?

Our consumption habits have changed, as has the way we interact with one another.

At Banca March, we believe that our world in transformation needs different investment solutions.

Full-time remote working from 5% to 40%

21,300 new accounts

In 6 months vs. 28,000 in all of 2019 vs. -1.5% in 2019


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