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March A.M.'s main equity funds close 2021 with returns of over 20%

22 February 2022 Category: Banca March

  • The asset manager has focused its efforts on products which prioritise innovation and sustainability, such as Mediterranean Fund, which posted returns of over 26% in 2021, and March Green Transition Bond, which was launched recently to help finance the transition to a more economically and socially sustainable model.
  • In the equities segment, March Europa was the top performer with returns of 26.74% in 2021, outperforming the Stoxx 50 by 3.9% and the Eurostoxx 50 by 5.75%. March Global was very close behind with 25.05% and March International Iberia chalked up gains of 21.34%, far outperforming the 7.93% gained by the Ibex 35.
  • The institutional SICAVS also put in a compelling performance: Torrenova, Bellver and Lluc accumulated more than €1.5 billion in assets over the course of last year, posting outstanding returns.


March A.M.'s main equity funds posted gains of over 20% in 2021. The asset manager now has over €5.41 billion in assets under management and continues to reinforce its Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) strategy throughout its entire product range to offer its customers both a compelling risk-return profile and long-term sustainability.

March International Mediterranean Fund, for example, is one of the newest, most innovative additions to the portfolio, investing in two sectors which are set to outpace global economic growth: the oceans economy and water. This thematic global equity fund closed the year with total AUM of €136,309,000 and chalked up a return for the period of over 26%. The other two thematic funds, March International Vini Catena, which invests in the wine value chain, and March International The Family Businesses Fund, which invests in family businesses, also posted impressive returns of 19.17% and 17.84%, respectively (class A€).

As for the longer-standing products, March International Iberia, one of the asset manager's oldest products, was one of the best actively-managed funds by 3-year annualised performance, posting a return of over 21% last year. Also on the equities side, March Global did well with returns of 25%, but the top performer was March Europa, with gains of 27%. The three investment funds have attracted over €84.85bn in assets under management.

This year's annual results also reveal a strong performance by the Institutional SICAVs: Torrenova de Inversiones, Cartera Bellver and Lluc Valores posted strong returns and an efficient risk-return profile. Torrenova, the most conservative of the three portfolios, returned 4.05% in 2021 with volatility of just 2.61%. Meanwhile, Bellver returned 9.82% and Lluc, the most adventurous profile, closed the year with gains of 15.61%. The three SICAVs had a combined total of over €1.5 billion in assets under management at year-end.

March A.M. completed successful product launches in 2021, including March International March Alternative Strategies, which had AUM of around €147 million at year-end, March Tesorero, which has attracted €60 million since it launched in September, and March International March Green Transition Bond, March A.M.'s latest sustainable fixed income solution, which has outperformed expectations and accumulated assets under management of €20 million since its very recent launch in December.

Javier Escribano, Managing Director of March A.M., said: “The strong returns offered by our product range were further consolidated in 2021. We are delighted with the performance of our products and will continue to work on providing investment solutions that offer an optimal risk-return profile, whilst remaining fully committed to sustainability and acting in our customers' best long-term interests.”

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