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Banca March’s managers secure the best ratings from their customers in the entire Spanish banking sector

20 July 2023 Category: Banca March

  • According to the Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking in the Financial Sector prepared by the independent consultancy STIGA, Banca March leads the sector in satisfaction with managers, solidity and solvency (brand intangibles), trust and personalisation of customer service (relationship intangibles), as well as satisfaction with branches.
  • Banca March allocates €958 per year to training per employee, which is more than 4 times the industry average, with 138 hours of training per year, more than double the average in banking.
  • Banca March's excellent service means offering solutions for all types of savers, such as those it is recommending now in order to take advantage of the optimal time for fixed income and obtain returns of more than 3%, lowering the risk of portfolios.

The managers of Banca March, an entity specialising in private banking and business advice, receive the highest customer ratings in the Spanish banking sector, according to the latest Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking in the Financial Sector, drawn up by the independent consultancy STIGA in the second quarter of this year. According to the results of this report, which assesses the main financial institutions in Spain, Banca March leads the sector in customer satisfaction with managers, soundness and solvency (brand intangibles) and trust and personalisation of customer service (relationship intangibles). In addition to all these attributes, which place Banca March at outstanding levels of excellence in terms of customer-perceived service, it also ranks first in satisfaction with branches.

The results obtained reflect the commitment of Banca March – an entity with the lowest NPL ratio in the sector in Spain (1.23% at December 2022) and the highest CET1 capital equity ratio (17.66%) – to a people management model that guarantees well-rounded professional development based on customer service and excellence. Customers' assessment of the bank's managers also reflects a commitment to training that is higher than the industry average: according to the latest available data, Banca March allocates €958 per year to training per employee, which is more than 4 times the industry average, with 138 hours of training per year, more than double the average.

Banca March's people management is recognised year after year as a great place to work by the two large international firms that audit its human resources policies: Top Employer and Great Place to Work®. This year, Banca March is the fifth best workplace in Spain and, for the third year running, the only Spanish bank in the Best Workplaces ranking compiled by the independent consultant Great Place to Work®. Banca March also secured Top Employer certification – awarded by the independent consultancy firm Top Employers Institute – for the fifth year running in 2023.

Anselmo Martín-Peñasco, Deputy Managing Director and Head of the Human Resources area: “Banca March has a one-of-a-kind business model underpinned by sector-leading solvency, responsible advice, a solid reputation, outstanding quality of service, advisory technology and people management. We have become the best training facility for private banking and business advisory managers in Spanish banking, with an investment in professional training far superior to that of other banks, and a rigorous culture focused on providing the best customer service. In all our work environment analyses, the pride of belonging stands out, which translates into a very high level of commitment, satisfaction for a job well done and alignment of interests between the company and its employees, all of which has a direct impact on business growth.".

Profitable solutions for all types of savers

The excellent service provided by Banca March's professionals entails a commitment to offering the best solutions for all types of savers, from the most conservative to the most sophisticated. In complex times such as the present, more and more savers are putting their trust in Banca March's specialised advice. For these customers, Banca March proposes taking advantage of this optimal time for fixed income to obtain returns of more than 3%, lowering the risk of portfolios. The last 12 months have seen the biggest rate hikes in the last 40 years, a scenario that, for the first time in a decade, allows the most conservative investors to obtain an attractive return with low risk levels.

Banca March offers several solutions to take advantage of this moment. For savers with a short-term time horizon, the bank has launched the Renta Fija Óptima discretionary portfolio management (DPM) product, which invests in money market and fixed income funds with maturities of less than one year. This service offers all the advantages of DPM (diversification, active management, liquidity, regular monitoring reports and tax efficiency) and an attractive yield, with expected returns of 4.3% IRR.

For investors with a medium-term horizon, Banca March has just launched the March Renta Fija 2026 F.I. fund, a product that invests 100% of its portfolio in public and private fixed income assets, in euros, from mainly OECD issuers (maximum of 15% in emerging markets). The investment fund offers an estimated net non-guaranteed yield of 3% – IRR of 3.67% – for subscriptions made up to 5 September 2023 and held to maturity (June 2026; the above-mentioned yield and IRR levels may vary during the marketing period).

The fixed income investment funds available are complemented by the range of deposits offered through the AVANTIO channel, aimed at customers with a more digital profile. In this regard, the conditions of its AVANTIO Deposit have recently been improved, offering 2.85% APR from €10,000 to €500,000, with the possibility of recovering the capital plus 1% AER if the deposit is withdrawn before the maturity date.

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