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Banca March secures Top Employer certification for the fourth year running

20 January 2022 Category: General

This certification endorses Banca March's commitment to the best practices in the workplace.

  • The Top Employers Institute, the leading authority on best practices in Human Resources, has certified Banca March as a Top Employer 2022 thanks to its commitment to putting its professionals at the core of its business model.
  • This certification recognises Banca March's efforts to provide an excellent working environment, building a high-performance, results-driven organisation underpinned by the ethical values of professionalism, expertise, meritocracy and responsible banking.
  • All of Banca March professionals have undergone training in the last five years, with an investment per professional above the financial sector average, resulting in exceptional customer service.
  • This latest recognition comes in addition to the series of other certifications garnered by Banca March in the area of people management: In 2021, Banca March was named one of the top ten best places to work in Spain, and was the only Spanish bank featured among the best places to work in Europe, according to the prestigious Best Workplaces 2021 ranking compiled by Great Place To Work.

The independent consulting firm Top Employers Institute has certified Banca March as a Top Employer 2022, applauding the commitment shown to its professionals, who are placed firmly at the heart of its business model. This certification confirms Banca March's commitment to best practices in the workplace, as demonstrated by its excellent people management policies.

The Top Employers Institute programme certifies organisations based on the results of the HR Best Practices Survey. This survey covers 6 key HR domains divided into 20 different topics, including people strategy, working environment, talent acquisition, learning, well-being and diversity and inclusion, among many others.

This certification, awarded for the fourth year running, emphasises Banca March's management model, which foregrounds people across all initiatives and pursues a philosophy of joint growth of customers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole. The bank's goal is to remain a high-performance, results-driven organisation underpinned by the ethical values of professionalism, competence, meritocracy and responsible banking.

Anselmo Martín-Peñasco, Deputy Managing Director of Banca March and head of the Human Resources area, said: "At Banca March, we have the absolute conviction that people belong at the heart of our strategy, which is why we channel all our efforts and resources into helping our professionals reach their full potential. The only way we can offer the excellence and the outstanding quality standards our customers demand is by ensuring our professionals are satisfied, proud to belong to Banca March and highly-trained. That is why we strive to offer a motivating working environment, ensuring that our professionals grow alongside the company and in turn contribute to the growth of our customers and society as a whole."

David Plink, CEO of Top Employers Institute, said: “By adapting to the challenges and demands which have beset companies worldwide both this year and last, Banca March has continued to demonstrate that it foregrounds the deployment of excellent people practices in the workplace. Top Employer companies continue to tackle the challenges arising in a constantly changing world of work, working tirelessly to generate a positive impact on the lives of their teams. We are delighted to celebrate and applaud the companies that have been certified as Top Employers in their countries this year."

Initiatives rolled out by the People Management area

Banca March places people firmly at the core of its strategy and supports the personal and professional development of its team. Thanks to this strategy, Banca March has secured Top Employer certification for the fourth year running. This is the latest in a series of certifications showing just how seriously Banca March takes people management: In 2021, Banca March was named one of the top ten best places to work in Spain, and was the only Spanish bank featured among the best places to work in Europe, according to the prestigious Best Workplaces 2021 ranking by Great Place To Work.

The initiatives undertaken by Banca March include:

1) Training

Banca March offers its professionals specialist, high quality training at European certification levels. All Banca March professionals have received training in the last five years, with an investment per professional above the financial sector average. Banca March is committed to excellence and distinction, offering an annual training plan tailored to the needs of its teams and the market backdrop. It also strives to promote motivation and innovation among its team of professionals. Over the past year, the training programme has been expanded with programmes on sustainability and financial support for teaching and academic research projects. The Banca March Doctorate was also launched in partnership with the University of Oviedo, offering Banca March professionals the opportunity to complete the Doctorate in Economics and Business every year.   

2) Employee benefits

The competitive remuneration model in place at Banca March creates direct links between performance, conduct, achievement and compensation, whilst always foregrounding internal equity. Remuneration packages are complemented with a range of employee benefits, including: advantageous conditions on loans, advances and consumer lending; financial aid for professional training; study awards and grants for professionals and their families; group medical insurance and a corporate medical service; advantages in buying and trading allocated assets; pension funds; life and accident insurance products; and meal vouchers, among others.

3) Professional development

Banca March promotes internal development and promotion and is committed to professional stability even at the toughest times. The professional experience of the Banca March team is the result of a learning process rooted in a true meritocracy, teamwork and creative ability. Every member of the Banca March team has the chance to take part in internal rotation systems, which are based on the principles of equal opportunities, non-discrimination, equal treatment and respect for people and their abilities. These same principles are also decisive in the recruitment of new talent.

4) High-performance culture

Banca March promotes a culture of strong values and high performance, guaranteeing access to managers, recognition of a job well done, transparent communications, and the trust and approachability of a family-owned business with a history dating back almost 100 years. It strives to enhance professional wellbeing, providing a healthy working environment where people can grow alongside the company, whilst always taking into account their changing needs and expectations. To that end, there are various listening and engagement channels available, to instil a sense of pride in belonging to the organisation.

5) Equality plan and work-life balance measures

Banca March is committed to providing a non-discriminatory working environment in which all professionals are treated with fairness and respect, offered support for their professional development and rewarded based on their performance with absolutely no discrimination of any kind. All of these measures are covered by the bank's Equality Plan. Banca March also recognises the importance of striking the right work-life balance and offers flexibility measures and leave periods which add value for employees in exceptional circumstances.

6) Committed to society

Banca March believes it is crucial to effectively integrate ethical, social and environmental criteria into the performance of its financial activity. One of its key goals is to build a more profitable, sustainable business which is respectful of society and the environment. It also supports corporate volunteering, encouraging employees to participate in charity events and propose their own ideas for social initiatives to support the most disadvantaged members of society, integrate people with disabilities, protect the environment and improve financial literacy.

7) Management of Covid-19

For a company driven by strong ties and close engagement with its customers, Covid-19 has been a huge challenge; this led to the creation very early on in the pandemic of a crisis committee which identified two crucial priorities: to protect the health of the bank's professionals and to maintain business continuity. Banca March was completely committed to job stability right from the outset, offering the workforce with peace of mind and supporting their commitment. There was also a continuous process in place to monitor the climate and emotional wellbeing among the team. The bank's commitment to its team was reflected through a series of specific measures: clearly-outlined action and adaptation protocols, a 24-hour medical service and insurance for Covid-19 hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation for all employees, among many other initiatives.

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