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Banca March launches “Our gift to you: cybersecurity” to raise awareness among parents buying tech toys

20 December 2021 Category: Banca March

The bank has created an informative video featuring a series of recommendations for parents to consider before buying an electronic device.

  • The campaign is aimed at parents and features a series of recommendations for buying technology devices, such as taking age into consideration and finding out what security measures it offers. 
  • It also emphasises the importance of building an environment of trust with young people, agreeing on how many hours a day the device may be used, what information can be shared and who they can connect with online.

Banca March has launched the campaign “Our gift to you: Cybersecurity” with a view to raising awareness among parents of the risks that technology devices could pose to their children. The campaign coincides with the beginning of the Christmas period, which is traditionally a peak time for technology device sales.

The bank has created an informative video featuring a series of recommendations for parents to consider before buying an electronic device, including checking the recommended age and finding out about the device's security features and privacy policy. It is important to find out whether the device offers any parental controls, and whether these controls can be reinforced by using a stronger password. It is always advisable to choose devices with an off button that allows them to be disconnected when not in use. 

The campaign also highlights the importance for parents of understanding how their children use technology, in order to keep them safe. To this end, it is important for parents and kids to spend time together online and to build an environment of mutual trust. It is also advisable to talk to young people about the information they share and who they share it with, agree on a daily limit for time spent online and agree that they will only connect online with people they know. 

“At Banca March, we take the safety of our customers and their families very seriously,” said Teresa Capella, CIO at Banca March, “which is why we designed this campaign. We believe it is important to make parents aware of the importance of taking certain precautions when buying technology devices and games. We are aware of the challenges posed by the digital transformation, which is why we are working hard to anticipate and respond to our customers' needs in terms of speed and security. In fact, we are pioneers in the Spanish market in the use of voice biometrics to authorise transactions and avoid identity fraud,” she added.

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