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Banca March boosts its commitment to the Canary Islands

26 May 2021 Category: Agreements

It has renewed the cooperation agreement with the Canary Islands Confederation of Employers (CCE).

On 24th May, Javier Galarraga, Regional Manager for the Canary Islands for Banca March, and Agustín Manrique de Lara, President of the Canary Islands Confederation of Employers (CCE) signed to renew the agreement which has united CCE and Banca March since 2015, seeking to strengthen the link between both institutions in the long term.

Under this agreement, CCE members can take advantage of Banca March services. After almost a century, it continues to be the only Spanish bank that is wholly family owned, specialising in wealth management and advice and with a special focus on family businesses, with solutions that go beyond standard bank solutions, such as alternative finance, direct lending, tailored cash solutions and hedging.

In situations like the present, marked by the beginnings of economic recovery following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses demand proximity from banks, with flexible financial products and services to support their recovery projects, as well as the strategic and financial advice offered by highly qualified Banca March professionals.

In the words of Javier Galarraga: “the agreement demonstrates Banca March's unwavering commitment to the Canary Islands and especially to local businesses and entrepreneurs. The past few difficult months have reaffirmed our convictions. We can only achieve our goals if we place customers and professionals at the forefront of our strategy: proposing profitable and sustainable finance and wealth management solutions. We are the most solvent bank in Spain, with zero conflict of interest due to being wholly family-owned. This is the best guarantee for anyone who places their trust in us. This is the time to step up and meet our customers' demands. Through this agreement, we will facilitate access to financing for business operations whilst also supporting the liquidity of businesses and sole traders based in the Canary Islands

Under the agreement, members of the association also have access to competitive services to finance their business operations and identify financial solutions which are suited to the nature of their specific business or project, including treasury, liquidity, investment and hedging services, among others.

The current agreement also provides a framework for communications actions aimed at companies, entrepreneurs and sole traders with a view to gauging needs for financing, savings and investment management and wealth management advisory services, and strengthening operations based on the specific characteristics of individual businesses.

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