Mortgage loans for properties in Andalusia

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Mortgage loans and credits for properties in Andalusia

  • Law 3/2016 of 9 June for the protection of the rights of consumers and users in contracting mortgage loans and credits.
  • The purpose of this law is to guarantee the protection of consumers and users, regulating transparency and access to information that they must be provided with when taking our mortgage loans or credits (hereinafter, mortgage loans) for residential property.
  • The scope of application of this law is limited to mortgage loan contracts for residential property to be entered into in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.
  • The protection provided under this rule shall also extend to persons who participate in the mortgage loan entered into by a consumer or user as guarantors.
  • Pursuant to the provisions of Law 3/2016 of 9 June, customers are provided with the following documentation:

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