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At Banca March, we want to keep you always informed, and this section gives you the opportunity to find out whatever you want to know about.


March A.M. launches the Mediterranean Fund

  • March A.M. will allocate 10% of the management fees to projects for the recovery and conservation of marine resources.
  • March A.M. is launching a new themed fund in Spain which will invest in companies and sectors which are linked to the world's seas and oceans and to the supply, treatment and use of water.
  • This new product will cement the leadership position enjoyed by the Banca March Group's asset manager in the management of themed funds, offering an alternative for investors who want to secure exposure to a key source of future growth.

March Asset Management (March A.M.), the Banca March Group's asset manager which has over 6 billion euros in assets under management, today announces the launch of the Mediterranean Fund, which will invest in companies linked to the oceans economy – defined as economic activities that directly or indirectly take place in the ocean or use the ocean’s resources – as well as to water management and treatment.

The Mediterranean Fund is a themed fund which seeks to invest in two high-potential trends related to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals for 2030: oceans as a source of wealth and the need for ocean conservation, and water as a scarce, indispensable resource for life on our planet. The social focus of this new fund is also reflected by March A.M.'s commitment to allocate 10% of the management fees to projects for the recovery and conservation of marine resources. Investors in the Mediterranean Fund will therefore be contributing to initiatives to safeguard the marine ecosystem.

To construct the Mediterranean Fund portfolio, the March A.M. management team has identified an investment universe comprising over 750 companies whose revenues are directly linked either to oceans and seas or to the supply, treatment and use of water. There is a vast range of companies and sectors related to the world's seas and oceans in which the fund can invest, spanning sectors such as consumer, energy, industry, healthcare and utilities.

The fund will be managed by Íñigo Colomo, CIO at March A.M. The global diversification of this fund, which is unconstrained in terms of exposures as it does not track a benchmark index, will be one of its greatest strengths. Initially, the geographical distribution of the portfolio by regions will be approximately 50% Europe, 35% USA and 15% Asia. The fund offers an excellent opportunity for investors seeking geographical diversification for their portfolios and affords exposure to sectors with strong future growth potential. It also bears the March A.M. quality hallmark, underpinned as always by prudence and long-term results. The fund offers different classes for different types of investor, and the minimum investment will be around 10 euros.

Rita Rodríguez Arrojo, Executive Vice Chair at Banca March, said: “Banca March seeks responsible returns with an impact for all stakeholders. The Mediterranean Fund will allow Banca March to contribute to efforts underway for the recovery and conservation of the Mediterranean Sea, which is actually where the bank's roots lie. Our commitment to Shared Growth, which forms the cornerstone of the bank's century-old philosophy, means that our management strategy must contribute to a more integrative, sustainable economic model.”

José María Ortega, Managing Director at March A.M., added: “Our roots in the Mediterranean Sea and our commitment to sustainability meant we needed to complete our range of solutions with a product like the Mediterranean Fund. March A.M. has an excellent track record in generating positive returns over the long term through its themed funds. We believe that now is the right time for a fund focusing on the oceans economy and water management, in light of both the economic and environmental value it offers.”

Íñigo Colomo, CIO at March A.M., said: “Based on Gross Marine Product, which is the equivalent to GDP for the ocean, the global ocean is the world's seventh largest economy. We believe that the Mediterranean Fund is a unique investment tool in our market which affords investors access to an investment universe that offers relatively untapped opportunities, with strong potential and stability over the long term.”

March A.M., Spain's leading asset manager in themed funds

The Mediterranean Fund will further enhance March A.M.'s successful track record in the management of themed funds. The equity management team already secures compelling returns on products such as March Vini Catena and The Family Businesses Fund.

The March Vini Catena, which invests in the value chain of the wine industry, has generated an annualised return of 4.72% over five years. This success has been accompanied by excellent uptake levels among investors, and the fund's assets under management now stand at almost 170 million euros. The Family Businesses Fund has gained 4.87% over the same five-year period.

The Mediterranean Fund will now join these two themed products under the Luxembourg-domiciled SICAV March International, SICAV, which had assets under management of 850 million euros at the end of August.

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