Leadership in terms of capital equity

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The peace of mind that comes with being a customer of the bank with the best capital equity in Spain and the only bank that is 100% family owned.

Banca March has the best capital equity ratio of Spanish banks (1).

Furthermore, it is the highest rated bank by customers in relation to strength and capital equity. Sector-based customer satisfaction report for 2022 (2).

The figures demonstrate we are the bank with the best capital equity in Spain

Capital equity: The highest capital equity in Spain

NPL ratio: The lowest in the Spanish financial system

Coverage of debts: Coverage of doubtful debts

Liquidity coverage ratio (LCR): An LCR that is comfortably above the average.

Financial data and ratios at 31/12/2022.


Family bank

Values like trust, personal relationships, responsibility and commitment to new generations have been our priority for 90 years, are a priority today and will remain a priority in the future.

We are not exposed to the eventualities that listed banks are exposed, which could affect their decision-making processes.

As a result, our decisions are based solely on the interests of our customers, with a view to preserving and enhancing their equity.

Joint growth

Alignment of interests

Joint growth requires an absolute commitment, sustainable growth, which requires that shareholders, employees, customers and society as a whole share the same interests.

Trust and strength

Independence and experience

Strength reflected by one of the highest capital equity positions in the whole of Europe, and its core capital stands at more than double the Spanish banking sector average. As a family bank, our management criteria has always responded to a long-term approach, and as a result we have limited debt ratios and excellent financial ratios.

(1) Banca March has the best capital adequacy ratio of the top 20 Spanish banks by volume of assets. Data at 31/12/2022 from public sources.

(2) Source: Customer satisfaction benchmarking performed by STIGA. Accumulated data at 31/12/2022. STIGA performs a financial sector customer satisfaction study, comparing 17 financial institutions with operations in Spain.

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