Institutional SICAVs

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An initiative that forges long-term bonds with small and large investors alike, pooling our resources to secure shared growth.

The basic pillars of our SICAVs are value generation and long-term return for small and large-scale investors.

  • Flexible management model that includes a wide range of exposure to equities with a fixed risk level in the medium and long term.
  • Global investment that goes beyond geographical borders, sectors and financial instruments.
  • Active presence of our shareholders on investment committees.
  • Global variables of analysis focussing on interest rates and the target valuations of financial markets.
  • We use derivatives as a one-off hedging instrument without the need for leveraging
  • Inclusion of ESG criteria in the analysis and assessment of companies..

Torrenova de Inversiones SICAV

Torrenova de Inversiones SICAV, S.A.

Our most conservative SICAV and a veritable symbol of Banca March with over 25 years of success.

Cartera Bellver SICAV

Cartera Bellver SICAV, S.A.

Institutional SICAV managed by March Asset Management, particularly aimed at investors with moderate risk profiles.

Lluc Valores SICAV

Lluc Valores SICAV, S.A.

Lluc pursues a more adventurous investment strategy as part of the Institutional SICAVs at the Banca March Group.

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