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March Vida provides customers with a wide range of insurance products with different options as regards terms, remuneration and settlement conditions, making them a flexible way of saving that offers attractive returns.

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March Vida Ahorro Plus

Why invest?

  • Single premium savings life insurance, providing the customer with a guaranteed return from the outset.
  • Review of the annual interest rate with respect to market conditions.
  • This product offers total liquidity, meaning you can draw on your savings at any time without being penalised*.

* In the case of policy surrender before the first year, a penalty of 5% will apply. Partial surrenders can be made after the policy has been in force for two years.

How do we do this?

Annually, the customer is informed in advance of the product's return for that year, so that he or she can benefit from the best market conditions at all times.

In the event of death, an additional capital sum equal to 10% of the accumulated value is paid, up to a limit of €6,000, which will be reduced to €600 as of age 65.

Why do it now?

  • Low interest rates have put an end to traditional risk-free savings products.
  • Market uncertainty over the impact of Covid and estimated time frames for recovery.
  • Product lets you to save over the long term, without risk and while able to draw on your savings at any time.

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