Co-investment projects

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Co-investment projects

What they offer us

Co-investment projects see our customers participate in real economy projects, which are not subject to fluctuations in listed markets in the short term, supported by the March Group's investment experience and knowledge.

Furthermore, they make it possible to diversify financial investment and reduce correlation with listed assets.

Illiquid, thus avoids short-term swings.

How do we do this?

  • Since 2008, investments worth more than €2.2 billion have been made, around 49% contributed by the March Group.
  • We partner with leading managers who invest in the project.
  • 40% invested in international projects, a bias that has accentuated in recent years.
  • 68% venture capital, 11% real estate, 10% infrastructure, 9% private debt and 2% venture capital.

More information on co-investment projects

Why do it now?

  • Illiquidity premium in an environment of modest growth.
  • Greater control over the progress of the project.
  • Access to niche opportunities from experienced partners, with aligned interests and proven reputation.

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