Certification of the ISO 22301 Standard

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The ISO 22301:2019 Standard, one of the strictest standards on the international stage, certifies that the company has sufficient guarantees to continue developing its activity and providing services to its customers in the event of any possible contingencies.

Banca March has a Business Continuity Policy and Objectives approved by the Board, which includes a Business Continuity Plan (PCN). This Plan refers to both processes and human resources, facilities, systems and suppliers.

Likewise, Banca March has developed a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), based on the international standard, and has obtained the ISO 22301:2019 certification of its BCMS.

In this way, Banca March becomes one of the Spanish Financial Entities that has this certification, which is more common among technology companies.

This certification guarantees compliance with regulatory obligations, as well as the protection of the interests of the Entity's customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees.

The certification of the Standard covers the key areas of the Central Services. These areas have been included in the certification due to their relevance within the Bank's operations.

It has been issued by AENOR after a rigorous audit, the result of which has verified that Banca March complies with all the protocols, systems and procedures that ensure that the Entity can continue to offer its services in the event of a serious incident such as fire, flood, sabotage, cyberattack or pandemic, among others, and can return to normality in the shortest possible time and serve customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees. As a result, Banca March has reduced its continuity risks and has improved its resilience against potential incidents of various kinds.

The excellent quality of services is one of the fundamental pillars of Banca March's business model and work will continue to maintain, at least, the same level of quality and excellence provided up to now.

This certificate is one more step in the intense transformation process in the areas of Digitisation, Technology and Operations in which Banca March is immersed.

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