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We offer financing solutions tailor made to your company. We want to support you and watch you grow.

How do we do this?

  • We listen to your business idea, helping to make it a reality by offering different financing options.
  • Our team of financial advisers guarantee the maximum rigour in the advice offered.
  • We offer solutions that are tailor made to your company, with the flexibility to overcome the financing needs of your business.

Working capital financing

  • Credit policy: current account associated with a predefined credit limit with interest payable in line with the length of time and amount used.
  • Credit advances: we manage the collection of commercial credits for transactions performed as part of your business activities, providing you with the corresponding amount up until the due date.
  • Commercial discount: for you to finance your company's working capital and respond to your immediate payment needs.

Long-term financing

  • Business loan: we help you to obtain made-to-measure financing to purchase assets and for your business' working capital, responding to your needs in relation to terms and frequency of payments.
  • Mortgage loan: designed to finance the acquisition or refurbishment of a property (office, premises, warehouse, plot of land, etc.) from which your company's economic activities are performed.
  • Leasing: financial leasing of personal property and real estate involved in your activities with a purchase option at the end of the contract. This service provides your business with significant tax relief.
  • Vehicle leasing: renew your fleet of vehicles as part of a lease in exchange for a fixed, periodic payment, which includes maintenance and the corresponding insurance.

EIB facilities

Banca March provides its customer with access to the different facilities offered by the European Investment Bank (EIB)

  • Aimed at Spanish SMEs and mid-caps.
  • Excellent financial conditions and a discount of 0.25%.
  • Covers working capital needs and investment projects in any EU country.
  • Maximum amount of up to €12.5 million for SMEs and €25 million for mid-caps.

For more information about bankable investments, financing types, interest rates and other conditions ask at any of our branches.


Let us help you find what you need: provisional guarantees, technical guarantees, financial guarantees, etc.

Our guarantees help you to deliver on commitments and obligations that your company assumes before third parties.

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