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Point of sale (POS) terminals

Making it possible for your customers to pay by credit or debit card. Our advisers will provide you with information on the model that best suits your business needs. All our POS models include the DCC Service, allowing consumers to pay in their own currency.

Virtual POS

For online sales. The service is installed on the customer's website.

PAY GOLD functionality built in for transactions initiated by the establishment, making it possible to request payment of any amount, sending the cardholder an order via SMS or email, pursuant to the new GDPR, PCI-DSS and PSD2 regulations.

The ideal solution for tourism industries providing booking services involving remote collection. Facilitates the tokenisation of cards and avoids refunds and fraud.

Physical POS

  • Fixed: when the device is connected by cable on the cash desk.
  • WIFI: uses the wireless network, meaning the device can be used anywhere in the establishment.
  • GPRS: uses mobile coverage and can be used anywhere nationwide.

Mobile POS

This POS operates through an app on any smartphone. Facilitates PAY GOLD transactions initiated by the establishment, sending the cardholder an order via SMS or email. Converting your mobile phone into a POS.


For establishments wishing to receive payments using a PC that doubles up as a POS, asking for the card to be inserted into a card reader that processes transactions online and prints out a receipt.

Uniform Commercial Code POS

POS for establishments processing a high volume of transactions. This model facilitates the management of a high volume of transactions.

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