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Risks and Insurance: March R.S.

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Who are we?

Since 1939, experience, knowledge and specialisation in risk and insurance management has helped us to stand out as one of the main insurance brokers in Spain. Loyal to our values, at March Risk Solutions we provide the best solutions, regardless of the activity sector that our customers operate in and where in the world they decide to operate.

We accompany our customers no matter where they are located, via a large international network that boasts speed and flexibility, prioritising the customer's needs over all other factors, making it possible to offer the best service worldwide. We are constantly creating services and products that add real value, with innovative and creative approaches without compromising on our independence. 

We are independent

We are the first totally Spanish insurance brokerage, owned 100% by the Banca March Group.

Our independence from third parties allows us to place the interests of our customers first and make decisions unilaterally, quickly and flexibly depending on their needs. 

We are flexible

The customer's needs are prioritised over any other factors, making it possible to search for and offer the best service, anywhere in the world.

We choose the best partners depending on our customer's needs and where the opportunity for change is always possible, which is an advantage that is difficult to find anywhere else on the market.

We are quality

We have set the highest standards of excellence and service quality and constantly improve the efficiency of our systems and processes.

We invest in the specialist knowledge of our human resources and materials, adapting them to the customer's needs and their business activities, to ensure the excellence of our services and processes.

We are commitment

We are a sector leader, with more than 80 years experience managing risks and insurance for companies on a local basis, but with a global scope.

More than 95% of our customers renew their trust in MARCH R.S. each year thanks to our business model and commitment, which is reflected in above average satisfaction and NPS. 

Areas of specialisation

  • Industry and services

  • Maritime and Aviation

  • Construction and Energy

  • Leisure and Tourism

  • Financial Risks

  • Social Welfare

  • Fleets

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