Financing: Capital Market

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What is it?

Continuing with the progress made in the implementation of the strategic model in the business segment, in 2013 we set up a new specialist unit in the Large Companies area, the Capital Market unit, to harness the opportunities presented by the non-banking debt market



The financial environment we operate in affected by a narrowing of lending on account of the gradual disappearance of banks and new regulatory fund requirements.


Our objective is to harness growing interest amongst national and foreign institutional investors in the corporate debt of Spanish companies. 


We focus on advice throughout the structuring process and placement of specialist products on capital markets:

Advice about non-banking debt market picture

  • Issuance of corporate debt.
  • Syndicated credit.
  • Debt funds
  • Structured asset financing products…

We provide our customers with advice and different types of investments to help plan and optimise their taxation.

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