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Banca March and family businesses are at the cutting edge when it comes to sustainability

At Banca March, we harness the transformation into opportunities for growth and new ways of investing and saving responsibly. This is how our Next Generation initiative came about, based on identifying the global trends that are transforming our society and economy.

As a family business with more than 90 years of responsible growth, we want to share our experience with other Spanish family businesses who have known how to combine success and sustainable development.

Spanish family businesses, committed to sustainability

At the heart of the Banca March business model is the joint growth of customers, employees, shareholders and society in general, including the commitment to sustainability.

We offer investment products and solutions that encompass this sustainable commitment, while at the same time represent good opportunities to seek returns in trends that are transforming the world.

One example of this is Next Generation, an investment strategy launched in 2019.

As part of Next Generation, Banca March has signed an agreement with the IE Foundation through the IE Center for Families in Business, to promote the sustainability strategies that the Spanish family-owned business pursues.

Through these videos, our aim is to share the experiences of successful companies like Actiu, Calvo, Enhol and González Byass, for who sustainable development is associated with their family values and their identity as business families.

Sustainability, a long-term strategy that requires a day-to-day commitment

Passionate about the sea and a harnessing culture, transformed into a business model. Under these premises, the Calvo Group family business has become a global company that sets the benchmark in the food industry.   

Sustainability, which begins with the responsible use and harnessing of resources, has been a mainstay in Calvo's journey since its beginnings in the 1940s.

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