20 key reforms

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20 key reforms as part of the Recovery Plan are worth mention:

  • Law on Climate Change and the Energy Transition.
  • Development of a Strong and Flexible Energy System, Roll Out and Integration of Renewable Energies.
  • Renewable Hydrogen Roadmap.
  • Resilience and Adaptation of Ecosystems, Development and Connectivity of Green Infrastructures.
  • Law on Water and the Purification, Sanitation, Efficiency, Savings and Reuse Plan.
  • Modernisation of Agricultural and Fishing Policy, Soil Conservation and the Efficient Use of Water.
  • Policy for Managing Waste and Promotion of the Circular Economy.
  • Modernisation of the National System of Science and Support for Innovation.
  • Connected Sustainable Mobility Strategy.
  • New Housing Policy.
  • Modernisation of Justice.
  • Modernisation and Digitalisation of the Administration
  • Improving Regulatory Quality and the Business Climate, Bankruptcy Reform.
  • Modernisation and Strengthening of the National Health System.
  • Modernisation and Strengthening of Education, Professional Training and University System.
  • New Job Market Policies towards a Workers' Statute for the 21st century
  • New Economy of Care Work
  • Reinforcement of Inclusion and Social Service Policies.
  • Modernisation and Progressiveness of the Tax System.
  • Reinforcement of the Pension System.

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