Coverage of Market Risks

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The use of derivatives in day-to-day financial management is becoming increasingly necessary. Furthermore, market oscillations introduce an additional factor of uncertainty that affects your business.

Get protected! The aim of our coverage is to minimise or completely remove these risks against your company's financial cost.

Our team of specialists, boasting vast experience in markets and hedging, will advise you and help you to choose the right product in each situation.

Interest rate hedge

Remove or reduce the uncertainty inherent to interest rates.

  • IRS: Converting the financing transactions you require into fixed rates.
  • CAP: Arranging a maximum interest rate limit or roof, while below this threshold, you will pay based on your financing agreement and if the Euribor exceeds this CAP, the bank will pay you the difference.
  • FLOOR: Your buyer establishes a minimum interest rate that must be paid on your indebtedness, charging a premium in exchange.
  • COLLAR: An option strategy combining the purchase of a CAP and the sale of a FLOOR with Strikes meaning that the customer is not required to pay any premium, although a premium may have to be paid if changing the CAP or FLOOR.

Exchange rate hedge

  • Exchange rate insurance (open standard): Operation that sets the exchange rate for a future date with the flexibility of being able to make drawdowns in advance of all or part of the agreed amount before the set date.
  • Tailor-made structures and options can make hedges more flexible, adequately hedging your company's exposure to exchange rate fluctuations.

Commodities hedge

Eliminating or reducing the impact of change in the prices of commodities on your statement of profit and loss.

  • Swap and options (call and put) for a wide variety of underlyings (jet fuel, brent, metals, etc.).
  • Commodities range (maximum and minimum).

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