Banca March Luxembourg

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The benefits of a multi-jurisdiction approach at the service of our customers.

Luxembourg is a European hub specialising in asset management, given the economic benefits, flexibility, ease and speed of execution and wide range of investment alternatives on offer.

Why Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is an important financial hub in the Eurozone, boasting an AAA credit rating. It places first in Europe and second in the world in volume of financial assets deposited and has stable financial legislation that offers legal and financial certainty.

Source: CSSF.

Banca March Luxembourg branch

We combine the certainty offered by Luxembourg with the solvency and specialisation of Banca March.

Our branch in Luxembourg is supported by the Banca March balance sheet:

  • Wealth Custody/Depositary in Luxembourg.
  • Unique management for portfolios deposited in Spain and Luxembourg.
  • Single point of contact for portfolios deposited in Spain and Luxembourg.

The relationship model involves a local manager, close to the customer, with access to Luxembourg specialists.

Geographical diversification

Regulatory stability and legal certainty

Diversification by asset types

Diversification by regulatory environments

Products specific to high net worth individuals

Products and Services

We have a wide range of products and services, from forex current accounts to the pledging of positions in Luxembourg or Unit Linked in Luxembourg.

For portfolios deposited in Luxembourg, we offer the order receipt and transfer service for customers looking to make their own decisions. We operate at our own initiative, managing our customers' assets through securities, CIS and other products.

We also offer value-added services, such as Discretionary Portfolio Management and Consultancy.

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