Discretionary Portfolio Management

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In cooperation with the Discretionary Portfolio Management service, the customer defines the goals for their equity, so that our specialists can design and manage a portfolio of funds that adapts to their risk profile.

With open product architecture and an in-house fund selection method, Banca March applies the traditional asset management principles, based on rigour and prudence, while seeking constant innovation and differentiation.

Why invest?

  • This solution provides access to practically all markets and asset types, in addition to most investment strategies and specialist managers.
  • Transparency in the composition, returns and costs of portfolios.
  • Portfolios shaped by the macro and market vision of Banca March. Operations also delegated.

How do we do this?

The pillars of our management are:



Search for long-term capital protection.



Markets, assets and selection of specialised funds.

Active Management

Active management

Adaptation to economic changes and volatility uptick episodes

Long-term planning

Long-term planning

Protection in times of market losses, seeking to anticipate major trends.

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